The European Union, associated with the policy of open borders, is currently surrounded by over 2,000 kilometers of border fences.

Get up close to what one of the most man-made rivers in Europe looks like.

29.37 kilometers – at the time of writing this report, separating Kramatorsk, the temporary capital of the Donetsk Oblast, from the front line. One third of the 220,000 inhabitants remained. In the deserted city you can see mostly soldiers. They head to the front or return from it to rest for a while. The fate of Kramatorsk and eastern Ukraine depends on the outcome of fierce fighting. Military trucks and heavy equipment rush to nearby Bakhmut every day.

Quitting coal

Over 3.5 million people were evacuated by train in Ukraine in the first 50 days of the war. 94 Ukrainian railway workers were killed, and 99 staff were injured during the evacuations. How have Ukrainian Railways helped to save thousands of lives amid war?

In Africa, some nomadic Kenyans found an alternative source of livelihood – gum arabic, which is used as a stabiliser in soft drinks.

Lebanon, Dubai, Turkey, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Germany... Belarus has been accused of issuing tourist visas to migrants and helping them to enter Europe. How is the complete journey of migrants arriving from the Middle East to Europe via Minsk? Which role does the Belarus government play in it? What reasons force these individuals and families, including children, to embark on such a dangerous trip?

With more than 12 million tons of broken equipment yearly, Europe ranks second only behind Asia in terms of electronic waste (e-waste). Circular economy initiatives across Europe aim to reduce emissions linked to consumption.