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We are a group of experienced reporters, designers, coders and editors who tell the stories of the world in their best-suited form. Our interdisciplinary approach provides our readers with dispatches from across the world, reports on global issues, opinion pieces on the future of journalism and a weekly newsletter. We believe that modern journalism should span beyond our borders.

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Outriders, an innovative media project, is live since January 2017.

We produce interactive stories, regular dispatches and cover the most interesting events happening all over the world in our weekly newsletter Outriders Brief.

17.03.2018 r.

Outriders at the Editor's Lab in Bucharest

This time we worked on community engagement enhancements for our Outriders Brief newsletter.

16.03.2018 r.

The Official Launch of Outriders Brief

Outsider Brief includes essential social, political, economic and scientific news from around the world. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a summary of the past week in your e-mail inbox every Saturday at 8:00 a.m.

13.03.2018 r.

Wachlarz Community Meetup with Andrzej Budnik (Los Wiaheros)

13.02.2018 r.

Wachlarz Community Meetup with Maria Hawranek and Szymon Opryszek

12.01.2018 r.

Wachlarz Community Meetup with Bartek Sawka

11.01.2018 r.

World 2017

Our interactive summary of 2017

09.03.2018 r.

Solutions Journalism Meetup with David Boardman

Organised in collaboration with Ashoka Poland, the meeting with David Boardman was the first in the series of meetings on Solutions Journalism.

30.11.2017 r.

Wrażliwy ("Sensitive") Festival

29.10.2017 r.

Outriders nominated to the Mediatory Award!

28.06.2017 r.

Difficult topics - StoryCode Warsaw

Paweł Pieniążek
27.11.2017 r.

Introducing Dispatches from the Middle East

Wystawa Mosul w Szwalni
27.10.2017 r.

Mosul Exhibition at the Szwalnia Theatre in Łódź

27.09.2017 r.

Outriders Nonprofit Organisation Officially Registered

27.08.2017 r.

Mosul at the Non Fiction Festival in Cracow

26.09.2017 r.

Official Launch of the and the kick off of the Crowdfunding Campaign

26.08.2017 r.

Two Multimedia Exhibitions at MiedziankaFest

Magdalena Chodownik and Piotr Andrusieczko at Lviv Media Forum 2017
26.05.2017 r.

How to combine journalist values with technology? Lviv Media Forum 2017

26.01.2017 r.

Aula Polska and the role of the foreign correspondends

Digital Cultures Warsaw
25.09.2017 r.

Multimedia Story at the Digital Cultures Festival in Poland

25.08.2017 r.

Mosul - photostory about the Battle of Mosul

25.07.2017 r.

Boarders - an Interactive Story

24.07.2017 r.

Journalism and monetisation - a hackathon in Moldova

Kontynenty Lublin
23.10.2017 r.

Lunik IX at the "Kontynenty" meeting in Lublin

Blog Forum Gdańsk 2017
23.10.2017 r.

Marcin Suder and Jakub Górnicki at the Blog Forum in Gdańsk

23.10.2017 r.

Talking about Outriders at the Film Spring Open

22.06.2017 r.

Outriders in the finals of the Global Editor's Lab in Vienna

21.11.2017 r.

Workshop for the School of Digital Leaders "Re:media"

20.03.2017 r.

Outriders wins the Editor's Lab in Warsaw

19.04.2017 r.

Introducing Dispatches from Ukraine

18.11.2017 r.

CompassFest in Lviv

17.01.2017 r.

World 2016

16.03.2017 r.

Our Partnership with the NiemanLab

16.02.2017 r.

Many tools. One Story. RockIt 2017

15.09.2017 r.

Deep Breath wins the hostwriter Pitch Prize!

15.09.2017 r.

Introducing Dispatches from Latin America

14.11.2017 r.

Data vs. the truth at the DataFest in Georgia

14.08.2017 r.

Jekaterina Pavlova starts the DCN Fellowship at Outriders

12.12.2017 r.

Grand Press Digital 2017 for!

12.12.2017 r.

Local Community Meetups Wachlarz are back!

11.09.2017 r.

Magda Chodownik in Belgrade at the Business and Trust Forum

11.09.2017 r.

NewsSummit in Budapest

10.06.2017 r.

How to make journalists projects? PressClub in Minsk

Jakub Górnicki
10.01.2017 r.

Starting Outriders!

Outriders Wspieram
09.11.2017 r.

We made it! 105% of Our Crowdfunding Goals Achieved

09.10.2017 r.

TransUkraine - an interactive story about traveling through Ukraine

M100YEJ 2017 beim Sanssouci colloquium
09.09.2017 r.

Training Young Journalists in Potsdam

08.12.2017 r.

Our multimedia reportage at the Digital Stories Lab

06.12.2017 r.

Corruption-Free Cities of the Future in Albania

06.12.2017 r.

Our "Migration" Exhibition at TEDxPoznań

06.11.2017 r.

Mogadishu - interactive story from Somalia

05.12.2017 r.

Human Rights Communication 2.0 in Budapest

Deep Breath teaser
05.05.2017 r.

Deep Breath - our interactive project happening now on 4 continents

05.04.2017 r.

Civic Technology and Media - Personal Democracy Forum 2017

05.04.2017 r.

Digital Disruption Forum in Kiev

03.06.2017 r.

Journalism Funders Forum in Hamburg

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