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19 September 2020

Heat, mass migration and CO2 levels

This year could be the hottest on record, although it will also be the one with the highest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. According to scientists, there is a 75% chance that every year in the coming decade will be among the ten warmest since the measuring started. By 2035 we may observe ice-free summers […]
26 February 2019
North America, USA

Park Chicano. Meksykańskie murale na krańcu Ameryki

Chicano Park is located under a monumental bridge in Barrio Logan, the Latin district of San Diego. It is pretty empty during the day. No hipsters are walking with caffe latte there or freelancers who are going for a short jogging during their break from work. Chicano Park is known for its colourful murals. It […]
Marta Zdzieborska
18 February 2019
North America

Border Angels. How do Californian activists help illegal immigrants?

On every third Saturday of the month, Border Angels’ activists go to the Imperial Valley desert, along the Mexican border. They leave bottles filled with water and some clothes during winter. They leave all that in places where immigrants cross the Mexico–United States border illegally. Border Angels members have developed six routes – starting with […]
Marta Zdzieborska
29 October 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

The caravan of refugees crosses Mexico

– The members of the immigrants’ caravan are not gang members or terrorists, like Donald Trump, the President of the United States claims. They are citizens who are looking for a chance for a better life – says Alden Rivera Montes, ambassador in .
Honorata Zapaśnik
8 October 2018
Honduras, North America, South America

New route for immigrants from Africa

26 Africans (including 10 children) who illegally crossed the border with were apprehended in . The NGOs in this country alarm that Honduras has become a transit point for emigrants on their way to the United States. This year only 1,500 people without the right of residence have been detained. As much as 64% of […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
27 September 2018

The Luggage

"The Luggage" is a feature telling about cities and countries which, facing huge tourist traffic, have decided to take steps to limit and regulate the inflow of visitors. We present the ways of dealing with the negative impact of tourism on the lives of inhabitants in an interactive reportage which was made according to the principles of solution journalism.
Rafał Hetman
17 September 2018
Honduras, North America, South America

26 children a day leave Honduras and head to the USA

Over 20,000 children in have left school since 2014 to emigrate with their parents to the United States of America. This year alone 4734 students have left seeking the American dream.
Honorata Zapaśnik
5 July 2018

Nine newsrooms, 4 countries, thousands of kids: ProPublica launches a project to find immigrant children

“This is the beginning of the reporting on this for our newsroom. We are being transparent about what we know and what we don’t know and what we need help with.”
23 April 2018

Human traffickers in the Middle East and Africa use social media to reach to immigrants

Human traffickers in the Middle East and Africa use social media to reach to immigrants. Often, people who decide to use these services are kidnapped and tortured. In order to get a ransom, smugglers send pictures of immigrants to their family members via social media. They typically use websites, private groups, Facebook’s and WhatsApp’s videos […]
21 April 2018

Migration Monitor

Migration is one of the biggest challenges for humanity. It's also a very broad term within which we have - IDPs, refugees but also economical migrant. We want to become a cross-border complex source showing you various aspects it. Together with reporters and outlets around the world what is current state of migration through this Migration Monitor.
Jakub Górnicki