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27 November 2020
The Iraqi government decides to close several refugee camps
The quick decision of the Iraqi government to close several refugee camps for internally displaced people (IDPs) leaves thousands Iraqis…
20 November 2020
Ethiopians running away to Sudan
Over 27,000 Ethiopians from Tigray, the northernmost region of the country, have fled into neighbouring Sudan, amidst the already two-weeks…
13 November 2020
Migrants are heading to Canary Islands
At least 140 people died at sea after a vessel that was heading to the Canary Islands, in Spain, sank…
6 November 2020
Canada open to immigrants
Despite pandemic and its impact over unemployment, Canadians have become more accepting and supportive of immigrants and refugees in 2020,…
30 October 2020
Brutal treatment by Croatian police on migrants
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has documented testimonies of brutal beatings, robberies and sexual abuse by Croatian police on migrants…
23 October 2020
A trial of Uber Eats in Italy
There is a trial ongoing of Uber Eats in Italy over alleged exploitation of migrants and asylum seekers. On May…
16 October 2020
Migrants’ situation in Algieria
Algeria is expelling thousands of migrants to Niger and abandoning them in the desert or transferring to Niger’s army, according…
10 October 2020
The first caravan of Central American migrants since the pandemic
The first caravan of Central American migrants since the pandemic began, left Honduras seeking to get to the United States.…
4 October 2020
Serious human rights violations in Libya
A new report by Amnesty International denounces serious human rights violations committed in Libya to migrants who are intercepted at…
25 September 2020
New migrant plan for Europe
The European Commission has unveiled a new mandatory migration plan for the 27 member states. It was announced on September…
20 September 2020
Fire destroys Moria refugee camp
Germany agrees to welcome over 1,500 people from Moria, the refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos that was…
19 September 2020
Heat, mass migration and CO2 levels
This year could be the hottest on record, although it will also be the one with the highest reduction in…

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