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9 October 2020

Time travel and a peep into the beginning of time

Scientists from the Australian University of Queensland say they proved the mathematical possibility of time travel. The main issue until now and the reason for the conflict between Einstein’s theory of general relativity and classical dynamics may be described through the so-called “grandfather’s paradox”. Simply put: a traveler who goes back to the past and […]
26 September 2020

The new solar cycle and “star wars”

According to NASA, the Sun has just entered another of the 11-years long cycle. Highly connected to the space weather, solar cycles are the periods of the changing activity of the Sun. We experienced a solar minimum in 2019, and we should expect that our star’s activity will be rising until 2025. Even though the […]
26 December 2018
Asia, China

40 years later – from “Made in China” to Makers Land

December 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Chinese reforms and opening-up policy that transformed the country forever. Shenzhen city was China’s reform pioneer. We travelled to once a fishing town that gave birth to Huawei and other technological giants. We talked about urbanism, electric vehicles, “Maker” Movement, education and ‘shanzhai’, a neologism for “fake” that […]
Lola García-Ajofrín
4 December 2018
Asia, China

Paying for Fried Chicken with the Face: A Journey around the Biometric Landscape in China

A customer orders crispy fried chicken using one of the screens at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Shenzhen. At the digital menu, there are pictures of the products and pricing information: a lip-smacking chicken bucket for 39 yuan (almost 5 euro), two chicken burgers plus a chicken bucket for 69 yuan (8.7 euro). After […]
Lola García-Ajofrín
29 October 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

Even Bill Gates uses Duolingo to learn languages

Duolingo has got a lot of heat lately overseas. The online platform has been offering free language learning around the world for seven years. It has become possible because all courses are created in cooperation with volunteers. , the co-initiator of the project, says – During the first three years of operation we have provided […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
25 October 2018
Asia, China

China Is Using Facial Recognition To Catch Jaywalkers

On Huaihai Street, a large shopping street in downtown Shanghai, a large LED screen on the sidewalk displays the image of a motorist who has skipped the red traffic light. There are four stripes on the screen, as if it were a comic, with the precise moment of the infraction and the extended image of […]
Lola García-Ajofrín
18 October 2018

Trump’s USA Today op-ed demonstrates why it’s time to unbundle news and opinion content

“At a time when both the public and algorithms are trying to understand what journalism means and how to distinguish between news and opinion, publishers should make it more clear what makes journalism special.” Article by Eli Pariser originally published on Niemanlab. A friend who works at a major tech platform recently posed an interesting […]
11 October 2018

More research suggests that Twitter’s fake news “strategy” is either ineffective or nonexistent

“The persistence of so many easily identified abusive accounts is difficult to square with any effective crackdown.” Article by Laura Hazard Owen originally published on Niemanlab. Enough with the “whack-a-mole” claims that as soon as you ban one fake news site, another one pops up: A report released by Knight on Thursday finds that most of the […]
12 September 2018

Saying “I can just Google it” and then actually Googling it are two different things

Plus other findings from a new study’s interviews with that increasingly common creature, the “news avoider.” Article by Christine Schmidt originally published on Niemanlab. “If I needed to know something, then somebody would probably knock at my door and tell me.” That’s the sentiment of one participant in a study on how “news avoiders” — infrequent […]
11 September 2018
Asia, China

Inside a Cashless Society (almost)

In China, a pan, the energy bill or a kiwi from a street vendor are paid with the mobile phone. Over half a billion Chinese use the smartphone for their daily purchases.
Lola García-Ajofrín