Europe’s relations with Asia and the Italian initiative for Africa

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited Mongolia to, among other things, reduce German economic dependence on Russia. For Germany, Mongolia is a source of raw materials such as copper and rare earth metals. The authorities of both countries want to expand political and economic relations, covering, for example, transport, science, archaeology, environment, energy and judiciary.

Japan will strengthen security, defence and economic cooperation with Italy, seeking to play a more significant role in the Indo-Pacific region. Together with Great Britain, these countries will develop the project of new generation fighters. The Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., the British BAE Systems PLC and the Italian Leonardo are working on it. Italy recently left China’s global Belt and Road initiative because it saw no benefits.

The Italian government announced that it will allocate over EUR 5.5 billion to finance energy, education, health care and agriculture initiatives, including Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Algeria, Mozambique, Egypt and Congo. Italians hope that African countries will take action to help stop irregular migration across the Mediterranean. In 2023, attempted crossings increased by approximately 50% compared to 2022. According to reporter Jamie Mackay, this is not a co-creation of new paradigms of intercontinental cooperation but an increase in the influence of the Italian government on EU foreign policy.

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