Corruption and political accusations among the elites of Peru and India

The media has accused Peru’s president, Dina Boluarte, of amassing jewellery worth half a million dollars last year, despite earning a salary of only $4,200. The prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation into “illegal enrichment” and has already searched Boluarte’s private home. Boluarte is the eighth president of Peru since 1985 to be under criminal investigation. Additionally, six Peruvian ministers have recently resigned due to the investigation into the country’s president.

India’s Supreme Court has made a significant decision by releasing Sanjay Singh, a key official of the opposition Ordinary Man’s Party (AAP), who was arrested six months ago in connection with a money laundering case. The AAP has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government of using federal investigative agencies to target opposition groups ahead of the elections starting in April this year, adding a political dimension to the case.

In Switzerland, two managers from the Saudi oil exploration company PetroSaudi International Ltd. are on trial on charges of fraud and money laundering. The case is related to the years-old scandal involving the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB. According to prosecutors, the Saudi managers sought to enrich themselves and third parties by embezzling at least $1.8 billion transferred to the investment fund.

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