Editorial policy

This editorial policy takes effect from November 12, 2018.

Last update: November 12, 2018

Our Mission

The mission of is to give you a broader perspective on global issues that have a direct impact on your life. In our opinion, a division into local issues and world affairs does not exist any longer. All humankind faces the same challenges. We, the Outriders, find the human being, our reader, the recipient of the content, always in the centre of attention.

We do not chase for the sensational. We focus on quality and the values of journalism. We want to better understand the reality around us and share this knowledge with you. We do it by creating engaging, reliable content describing the world around us. We mainly focus on building a context - political, social and cultural for the information we provide - to give you the knowledge and help to understand the issues described.

The choice of content

Before creating the materials, our reporters and authors have to answer the following questions:

  • What is the value of a given article or story for me, for the reader, for our editorial staff?
  • Are we able to get to the given place?
  • Can we explore the subject, write more than can be currently found in the available sources?
  • What is the broader problem we show?
  • Can we deepen the story with an additional context?
  • What Audio-Visual materials can we add?
  • Who will be the characters of the story?
  • Does the story somehow refer to the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Does the topic match the technology, migration or the environment? If not, why is it important?

Sources of information

We publish all the sources of our information. They are public and transparent. If a hero of our story wants to remain anonymous in case of staying safe, we guarantee that. We use only sources that are complete, reliable and tested.


When choosing members of the team responsible for production of an assigned story - we always try to create as diverse set of creators as possible. We take into consideration gender, race, historical and society background when producing stories about global issues.


We respect the privacy of our heroes and informers. At the same time, we acknowledge that individuals have a greater right to privacy than public officials, people with a significant political or social function.


Reporters cooperating with Outriders or doing jobs for us do it transparently, and they fully identify with the organisation. We always present ourselves as journalists, reporters, members of Outriders. We also inform our interlocutors and heroes of our stories about the purpose of our work.

Non-disclosure of the title and the nature of the work could happen only in an exceptional situation and after prior approval by the editor-in-chief and the Supervisory Board.


We care about a neat and correct language of expression. Errors always require rectification. An author, editor and the publisher are responsible for the mistake, violation of values and the rules of ethics.

The images of death, catastrophes, wars and conflicts are not shown to create a sensation but with the indication that the given material can be considered as drastic.

A journalist in the middle of a conflict

While describing wars, riots and demonstrations we take a neutral approach. We do not judge, but we help the needy and wounded on both sides of the conflict.

We do not engage ourselves in any political activity. We are not journalists working in public administration or political parties.

Labelling the editorial content

Editorial content is always separated from advertising and promotional materials.