Anna Jadwiga Orzech

Social Media
Anna Jadwiga Orzech

As a Digital Marketing Manager of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (WOŚP), Anna Jadwiga is responsible for broadly defined communication in the Internet, online fundraising and new technologies. She also creates and runs social media of Sektor 3.0 Festival. She cooperates with lots of non-profit organisations whom she helps, advises and upskills in such areas as Internet communication, NGO’s employer branding and HR-related new technologies. 

With her team, she’s been repeatedly awarded with the most important PR and marketing prizes. (PRoton, 6 Złote Spinacze awards, 2 Złote Effie awards and Golden Arrow nominations).

An estimated 1,400 girls are not born every year in Armenia due to a rooted preference for male children. The son-bias combined with a lower birth rate, has led to an alarming number of sex-selective abortions. Community activities, various laws and television shows are addressing the issue - with positive results. But is the actual problem being tackled?