Paulina Siegień

Paulina Siegień

Paulina Siegień (born 1986) - ethnographer, an expert on Russia and Russian philologist. She graduated from the Studium Europy Wschodniej at the University of Warsaw. She is also a PhD student at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Gdańsk.

A journalist and translator by profession. She constantly collaborates with "Krytyka Polityczna" and the Jan Nowak-Jezioranski College of Eastern Europe.

Get up close to what one of the most man-made rivers in Europe looks like.

An estimated 1,400 girls are not born every year in Armenia due to a rooted preference for male children. The son-bias combined with a lower birth rate, has led to an alarming number of sex-selective abortions. Community activities, various laws and television shows are addressing the issue - with positive results. But is the actual problem being tackled?