For authors

Please read carefully about our Mission, Editorial Policy and Values.

The Ground Rules

  1. You are not writing a typical article - abandon such thinking!
  2. Our job and your job is to inform, not to publish. Think hard about giving people context. Transfer it into the story. We are in the business of making sure we did everything we could so our audience gets the best possible information.
  3. We don’t complain about the media. We are here to become the change. Leave the old habits behind you.
  4. There is no typical journalist - editor - publisher relationship in Outriders Editorial Team. We all do a part of it. You have to take more responsibility too. Why? Read point number 5.
  5. You are there on the ground, not us or our readers. Pitch hard what you think will make us more informed and what is necessary to provide a better understanding of the topic.
  6. We are a young, vibrant and ambitious organisation, with all advantages and disadvantages of such state :).

What do we expect?

Be a part of a team - join us once a week on Monday at 3 pm CET for the staff meeting. It’s great and mandatory ;).

What do we offer?

  1. We pay once a month, for the 10th day of each month.
  2. We pay for commissioned work, not the published work.
  3. We start cooperating after negotiating the payment and signing a contract.


If you are ready, answer those questions:

  1. What is the value of a given article or story for me, for the reader, for our editorial staff?
  2. Are we able to get to the given place?
  3. Can we explore the subject, write more than can be currently found in the available sources?
  4. What is the broader problem we show?
  5. Can we deepen the story with an additional context?
  6. What Audio-Visual materials can we add?
  7. Who will be the heroes of the story?
  8. Does the story somehow refer to the Sustainable Development Goals?
  9. Does the topic match the technology, migration or the environment? If not, why is it important?