Michał Wolniak

Chief Strategy Officer
Michał Wolniak

Michał Wolniak has been working in Communications for almost 20 years. He founded the Heureka group that after 2013 was merged with the global VML network. As a Chief Strategy Officer, he deals with creating marketing strategies for the EMEA region as well as globally.

He leads consulting projects aiming at digitization of mid and big size businesses through disruptive and innovative solutions. Together with the VML team he won over 100 prizes and got recognition at the most important Advertising Festivals. He chairs the jury of Innovation Ad and Effie and is a part of the MIXX chapter, and also a co-founder of the app Nightly. Michał loves theatre and is a serial father (quadruple!).

An estimated 1,400 girls are not born every year in Armenia due to a rooted preference for male children. The son-bias combined with a lower birth rate, has led to an alarming number of sex-selective abortions. Community activities, various laws and television shows are addressing the issue - with positive results. But is the actual problem being tackled?