Federica Cherubini

Head of Leadership Development

Federica Cherubini is Head of Leadership Development at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, at Oxford University. She is an expert in newsroom operations and organisational change, with ten years experience spanning major publishers, research institutes and editorial networks around the world.

Before joining the Reuters Institute, she was Engagement Manager at Hearken, an audience consulting company that helps newsrooms better listen to and engage with their stakeholders in order to build sustainability. Federica specialises in devising and implementing new and improved ways of working, bridging people, disciplines, departments, projects and cultures.

Prior to joining Hearken she was Audience Projects Editor at Condé Nast International, working on audience growth, best practice and knowledge sharing. She is an expert on newsletter strategies and editorial initiatives that drive audience loyalty. She was a coach with the Membership Puzzle Project.

Federica is a director at Hacks/Hackers London, a community of 4,000+ members at the intersection of journalism and technology who meet to discuss and rethink the future of news. She participated in the Online News Association's 2018 Women’s Leadership Accelerator and is a mentor with the Digital Women Leaders initiative.

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