New Wirek Coal Mine


It operated between the years 1954–1995 in Kochłowice in Ruda Śląska. There were frequent rock bursts and methane releases there, e.g. in 1995, five miners died due to a rock burst. In the Polish People's Republic, more than 40 blocks of flats, a kindergarten, a casualty department, and six two-family houses were built for the mine's employees.

29.37 kilometers – at the time of writing this report, separating Kramatorsk, the temporary capital of the Donetsk Oblast, from the front line. One third of the 220,000 inhabitants remained. In the deserted city you can see mostly soldiers. They head to the front or return from it to rest for a while. The fate of Kramatorsk and eastern Ukraine depends on the outcome of fierce fighting. Military trucks and heavy equipment rush to nearby Bakhmut every day.