Borynia Coal Mine


In 1959 the Mining Projects Office in Gliwice established the deposit's boundaries for the construction of a new mine. Mining in the Borynia Coal Mine began in December 1971. 1981 was a time of workers' strikes, which were also organised in Borynia. After the Citizens Militia intervention, the strikers left the mine without fighting. In 2008 there was a tragic accident: six miners died from a methane explosion. Since January 1, 2013, Borynia Coal Mine has been operating as Borynia-Zofiówka-Jastrzębie Coal Mine.

An estimated 1,400 girls are not born every year in Armenia due to a rooted preference for male children. The son-bias combined with a lower birth rate, has led to an alarming number of sex-selective abortions. Community activities, various laws and television shows are addressing the issue - with positive results. But is the actual problem being tackled?