AI, a healthy heart and laughter as therapy for coronary heart disease

British doctors say a child’s low birth weight increases the risk of heart and circulatory system diseases later in life. Studies have shown that reducing birth weight by approximately 480 g increases the risk of heart disease by 20%. Meanwhile, the UK’s National Health Service is increasing the availability of blood pressure tests in local communities as part of its stroke and heart attack prevention program. You can measure your blood pressure, among others, in pharmacies, hairdressers, supermarkets and mosques.

As Scottish experts claim, analysing heart ultrasound images, including those taken with a hand-held ultrasound device, using AI is as effective as analysing images taken with a typical ultrasound machine operated by a specialist. A standard echocardiogram analysis takes about 30 minutes for a human, and artificial intelligence can interpret the photos within one minute. This can significantly shorten the waiting time for a heart failure diagnosis.

A study conducted at the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre in Brazil found that coronary heart disease patients who underwent laughter therapy reduced inflammation and improved health. Laughter expands the tissue that makes up the heart and increases oxygen flow throughout the body. “Laughter helps the heart because it releases endorphins, which reduce inflammation and help relax the heart and blood vessels,” said Brazilian doctors. “Laughter also lowers stress hormones that impose stress on the heart.”

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