How to deal with heat stress at work?

A 2019 International Labor Organization (ILO) report states that temperatures above 39°C can seriously harm workers’ health and life. Heat waves cause irritability and fatigue, disturb concentration, force slower actions and are responsible for problems with commuting to work. Employees can take more Spanish siesta-style breaks and work nights or shorter shifts to avoid the heat. Approx. 30% of the hours lost due to hot weather could be regained if the work schedule was changed to take account of the cooler times of the day.

In Italy, due to the high temperatures caused by anticyclones Cerberus and Caronte, factory workers and freelance workers have threatened to go on strike, and trade unions have called for temporary paid holidays. In their opinion, the temperature has become too high to work – in Sicily, it reached almost 47 ° C.

The fan-jakketo jacket is the Japanese way of working in hot weather, intensified in Japan by air humidity. Two electric fans are installed in the rear lower part of the jacket, thanks to which the wearer can work in cooler and safer conditions. The fans, blowing air inside the jacket, give the wearer a gentle breeze and coolness when the heat and humidity are the most oppressive. The retail offer includes ventilated reflective jackets, vests, hooded jackets with air circulation around the head, coveralls and denim jackets. And the Reon Pocket is a portable air conditioner that can be hidden under clothing.

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