AI in weather forecasting, astrology and the waste management industry

Artificial intelligence helps to forecast the routes of hurricanes and tornadoes and determine their potential and the risk of flooding and other weather hazards. However, meteorologists are still figuring out how to fully integrate AI models into daily forecasts and how much to trust those forecasts. For example, the GraphCast model, created by Google DeepMind, can generate a forecast of up to 10 days in less than a minute. It is about 10-30% more accurate than the forecast proposed by the best conventional European model for weather forecasting.

In New York’s Iconic Magazines store, there is an astrology machine prepared by Co-Star, which draws up horoscopes for interested people using AI. The app, called “The Void,” retrieves texts written by a team of astrologers and poets from a database in response to specific questions from users. The inspiration for the machine’s appearance was, among others, computers from the Soviet era, devices used by NASA and photo booths.

Greyparrot is a start-up that has created an AI system designed to analyze the work of waste treatment and recycling plants. Around 50 waste and recycling sites in Europe have cameras above the conveyor belts that use AI software to analyze what is placed on the conveyors in real-time. Greyparrot’s systems currently track 32 billion pieces of waste a year. As a result, a vast digital map of waste was created, and used by waste management entities, among others, to increase operational efficiency.

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