Mass testing for coronavirus in Slovakia

After the first round of the whole country testing for COVID-19 in Slovakia, which took place on the weekend between Oct. 31 - Nov. 1., the government decided to repeat the testing during next weekend Nov. 7 - 8 just in certain regions. Those regions were identified as the ones where the infection rate for COVID-19 was above 0,7% during the first round.

The Trencin region in the western part of the country had the COVID rate above 1% which meant that the 2nd round of testing was necessary and obligatory. I mainly documented various testing places in Trencin city which has a population of around 55 thousand and it's the eight largest municipality in Slovakia. The number of testing stations for 2nd round was 50, with many different types of testing stations available. For example 4 drive-in stations, also many indoor stations and outdoor stations across the city.

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