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19 December 2020
IS-created network of buyers and the power of al-Qaeda
The new report from the investigative organization Conflict Armament Research tells how IS used the international network of buyers to…
6 November 2020
Turkey vs Greece dispute and alleged terrorism in Venezuela
Turkish authorities stated that they would extend seismic exploration in the disputed area of the Eastern Mediterranean until November 4th.…
30 January 2020
Poor Dumps for Rich Rubbish
18 October 2018
Peace is the deadliest word
It was meant to be a massive show of support for peace and democracy. It is remembered as the deadliest…
10 October 2018
The Experience of Foreign Press in Turkey: We All Weigh Up the Risks
Foreign journalists in Turkey play a dangerous balancing act. Though not subjected to the same threats as their Turkish counterparts,…
18 September 2018
The world’s largest airport—no delays but plenty of sweat and tears
It was meant to be a show of might, a showcase of Turkey’s economic status under the rule of the…
10 September 2018
Guilty as (not yet) charged: Civil society activist jailed without trial for over 300 days
Did he really commit a crime or was it simply, as most suspect, his turn to go to jail? Businessman…
2 September 2018
Queers in Istanbul are banned from marching, so they run
I grew up in a small town in Turkey. As a child, I loved playing football in the empty lots…
29 August 2018
Saturday Mothers-Turkey’s most persistent dissidents
Noontime, on any given Saturday, in Galatasaray Square in the central Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, you will come across the…
20 August 2018
The Turkish Crisis: A Shakespearian Economic Tragedy
Unless you were abducted by aliens, and just returned to Earth after being their lab rat human for several months,…
10 August 2018
Mesut Özil and Deniz Naki play a game of two halves
When asked what was more difficult, being a Turkish football player in Germany or a Kurdish player in Turkey, Deniz…
4 August 2018
Will Turkey have its #MeToo moment?
Last June, a young costume dresser complained publicly that she had been sexually harassed by a much-lauded Turkish actor. Talat…

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