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22 October 2021
AFGHANOTES #9 With girls barred from education and amidst a financial meltdown, the English academies face closure
4 October 2021
AFGHANOTES #8 In order to Flee, Afghans Are Even Selling their Carpets
29 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #7 Without Jobs and Cash, Afghans Fear a Looming Financial Crisis
23 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #6 In a Barbershop in Kabul: “People are Letting their Beards Grow”
21 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #5 Taliban Begin to Expel Women from Education
14 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #4 Afghan Journalists Recount How Taliban Tortured Them “One of Them Put His Foot on my Head”
10 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #3 Inside Kabul’s Book Market: Fearing Punishment from the Taliban, Now People Avoid Having Certain Books
8 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #2 Afghan Children “Are at Greater Risk than Ever”
6 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #1 – I Will Never Accept that Afghan Women Remain Silent
25 August 2021
Leaving Kabul – How I Left Afghanistan, My Beloved Land, with a Little Suitcase
19 December 2020
IS-created network of buyers and the power of al-Qaeda
The new report from the investigative organization Conflict Armament Research tells how IS used the international network of buyers to…
19 December 2020
Speculating with water and the Taliban revenues
Water is now available as a trade commodity on Wall Street, just like gold or oil. The new contracts will…

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