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17 January 2022
Pastoralist Turkana Embracing Gum Arabic Trade as Climate Change Bites
28 September 2021
Junkyard of the West
Every year millions of second-hand cars are exported from the USA, the EU, and Japan to West Africa and non-OECD…
12 April 2021
A Journey with Kenya’s Shepherds Struggling Against Drought and Land Degradation
31 December 2020
World Food Programme to reduce food rations for the refugees in Rwanda
About 90% of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon live in extreme poverty. That means that they rely on less than…
19 December 2020
IS-created network of buyers and the power of al-Qaeda
The new report from the investigative organization Conflict Armament Research tells how IS used the international network of buyers to…
19 December 2020
Speculating with water and the Taliban revenues
Water is now available as a trade commodity on Wall Street, just like gold or oil. The new contracts will…
17 December 2020
Elections in Kashmir, Romania and Namibia – issues behind
Every third Romanian citizen (six million people altogether) lives on the verge of poverty. Despite that, there was no space…
28 November 2020
Archeological discoveries in Egypt, Italy and Greece
Archeologists in Egypt found over 100 painted coffins in a necropolis of Saqqara, around 30 kilometers south of Cairo. They…
26 November 2020
Grannies Against the Right
Since 2017 the organization of Grannies Against the Right is fighting right-wing extremism and xenophobia in Austria. Following their motto:…
13 November 2020
Arrests of opposition leaders in Tanzania, Uganda and Ivory Coast
The authorities in Uganda, Tanzania, and the Ivory Coast are arresting the opposition leaders amid the elections’ disputes. In Uganda,…
13 November 2020
Bribe for child delivery and the dangers of being a woman vaccinator
Pregnant women in Zimbabwe are forced to pay bribes to healthcare workers to be offered help in childbirth. The whole…
6 November 2020
No more protection for the Grey Wolf and an encounter with an elusive chameleon
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that it aims to terminate the protection of the grey wolf as…

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