Yandex EN

Yandex is a Russian company operating in the international markets, which owns the Internet search engine of the same name, web portals and websites in several countries. The company has the strongest positions on the markets of Russia, Turkey, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Yandex search engine was launched on 23 September 1997 by the CompTek International company. In 2000, the Yandex company commenced its activity. At the end of 2016, was ranked 27th in the world in terms of popularity and first in Russia. The Yandex search engine is fourth in the world in terms of query volume (at the beginning of 2014 there were 6.3 billion queries monthly). In recent years, Yandex has become a multi-portal, offering its users over 50 sites (such as Yandex maps, Yandex traffic jams and more). In 2016, Russian Forbes estimated Yandex's value at $ 4.3 billion, thus Yandex ranked second on the list of the most valuable Russian Internet companies after