Who had been kidnapped by the Russian secret services

They threw me into a minibus, I had a sack on my hand, and they brought me to the building of the former SBU headquarters on Ivan Franko street. A brutal interrogation started. I was asked about the activists I knew and about people, who wanted to blow up the monuments. They began to beat me using their legs, hands and clubs when I was sitting or lying. When I refused to answer, they began to choke me using sacks. They did it four times. I've seen such situations so many times in the cinema, and I did not understand why people give up, why they quit. However, it is indeed terrifying, Your Honour. They threatened to rape me with a club, take me to the forest and bury there. They got tired after for hours and took me to a revision (to Sentsov’s apartment - editor's note by Outriders). It was only there that I learned that they were FSB officers. They supposed they would find terrorists and weapons, but they just saw my child. It was present during the search, and it is not mentioned in the protocol. The money found belonged to my film studio and was supposed to be spend on the film Rhino - told Sentsov in court on August 10, 2015.