Tuzla is a small island located in the Kerch Strait. According to the international law, it belongs to Ukraine. In 2014 it was incorporated into Russia as part of the the annexation of Crimea. In 2003 it was the subject of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In September 2003, the Russian workers began building a levee that would stretch between the Taman Peninsula and the Tuzla island. The reason for this was a dispute over the delimitation of the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Azov Sea and Kerch Strait. The Russian side believed that Tuzla was not an island, but a part of the spit. In fact, the Tuzla island separated naturally from the existing spit in 1925. The Ukrainian side sent troops of border guards to the waters around the island. Russian workers stopped their work only about 100 meters away from the raft of the Ukrainian soldiers. It was also then, when the discussions on the status of the island started. In December 2003, Kiev established a permanent post of border troops on the island.