Security Service of Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) – Security Service of Ukraine was established on 20 August 1991 pursuant to the resolution of Supreme Council of Ukraine. The same resolution disbanded KGB of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. On 25 March 1992 the parliament voted in favour of the Act on 'Security Service of Ukraine'. Main goals of SBU were to protect sovereignty, constitutional order and territorial unity of the country as well as to fight terrorism, corruption and organised crime. One of SBU founders - Yevhen Marchuk later spoke about SBU fishing out Russian provocateurs in Crimea in mid 90s. In 2014 it turned out that SBU, especially in Crimea, was highly infiltrated by Russian forces. As much as 90 % of SBU officers from the annexed peninsula joined the Russian side. SBU is lead by Vasyl Hrytsak, Ukrainian General of the Army (appointed in July 2015).