Ihor Mosiychuk

Mosiychuk is a controversial Ukrainian politician. He was born in 1972 in the Poltava region. In the 90s he began to work in the Ukrainian radical nationalist organizations. In August 2011, Mosiychuk - a deputy of the city council Wasylkove in the Kiev region - was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine. He was accused, along with two other people, of preparing a terrorist attack to blow up the monument of Lenin in Boryspil near Kiev and an act of terrorism in Kiev before the Independence Day of Ukraine. Mosiychuk was in custody until February 27, 2014. After the escape of the President Viktor Yanukovych, the Parliament adopted a law that enabled political prisoners to leave prisons. When the war in Eastern Ukraine started, he became one of the assistants in the volunteer battalion “Azov”, but due to a personal conflict, he left the unit in July. At the same time, he joined the Radical Party and was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. He supported the cooperation with Caucasian fighters and even talked about the opening of the “Caucasian front” in the fight against Russia. At the same time, Mosiychuk was accused of corruption. On October 25, late in the evening, when Mosiychuk left the Espreso Television studio in Kiev, a bomb installed in a scooter parked nearby exploded. He was wounded and two people, including his bodyguard, were killed.