An arsenal of automatic weapons

In the car driven by Ruban the SBU has found: five Kalashnikov A-74 automatic weapons, three AKS-74U automatic weapons, one automatic AK-47, two manual Kalashnikov machine guns, 2 Makarov Russian-made pistols without markings, 4 silencers. Additionally: 46 mortar shells caliber 120mm, six Russian-made anti tank mines MON-50, six pieces of ammunition caliber 82 mm for a RPG-7W launcher, two R22 anti tank rocket launchers, six pieces of ammunition for a RPG-7 grenade launcher, 20 F1 grenades, 20 RPG-5 grenades, 28 grenades for WOG-25 under barrel grenade launchers. and 2.6 kg of explosives, a mortar caliber 62 mm, 320 rounds caliber 12.7 mm, 1280 rounds caliber 9 mm, 700 rounds caliber 7.62 mm, 4320 rounds caliber 5.45 mm, 17 magazines loaded with 570 rounds caliber 5.45 mm, 2 magazines loaded with 60 rounds of caliber 7.62 mm. Source: