Arsen Avakov

Ukrainian minister of Internal Affairs since February 2014. For many years politically and financially connected with Kharkiv. Critics accuse him of relations with radical right-wing groups and activists including Andriy Biletsky. The latter was the military commander of Azov Batallion, supported by Avakov and currently is a member of parliament and leader of nationalist National Corps party. Judging from minister's 2016 tax statement he is an art lover. He owns a large number of paintings and drawings by Ukraininian and foreign artists. His collection includes Pablo Picasso's lithography as well as icons. He also owns more than 2650 precious silver and gold coins from 18th-21st century. Avakov is also a wine connoisseur and owns 760 bottles from various countries and vintages. Some of them, like Chateau Petrus cost several thousand dollars on auctions. His tax declaration also includes a collection of Mouton-Rothchild wine from various vintages.