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Solutions journalism

Solutions journalism restores balance in the force! Through this methodology we research existing solutions. We analyse how they work – both impact and limitations. And we do it for one purpose – to give you the whole story and the feeling of hope.

7 July 2020
Prague startup employs homeless people as tour guides and wants to change society

Despite being often regarded as poverty tourism, the social enterprise Pragulic employs homeless people to show the Czech capital through their eyes – and gets them needed help. He emerges from a rear entrance of Praha-Smíchov, a railway station located well outside the city centre. By most measures, he is nondescript: a middle-age man in […]

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Hanna Liubakova
15 June 2020
How the Amazon region, hardest-hit by coronavirus, resumed lessons with classrooms closed

Aula em Casa is a television programme that reaches 450,000 students in the Brazilian state of Amazonas. The project has recently expanded into other states of São Paulo, Sergipe and Espírito Santo, which means it brings its content to millions of schoolchildren. Like millions of other students in Brazil, Pedro Henrique Oliveira Cantuario found himself […]

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Hanna Liubakova
15 March 2020
People with disabilities have a hard time finding a job. In Belarus, coffee is a solution

A new profession that helps earn extra money is on the rise in Belarus. So does the important message of inclusivity for people with disabilities. A video depicts a noisy group of friends entering a coffee shop. It is busy inside. A young waitress approaches a hipsterish-looking man who wants to pay his bill. She […]

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Hanna Liubakova
6 March 2020
Tamera – a new paradigm of water

Drought is a phenomenon occurring naturally, and it is quite typical in our geographic location. Despite appearances, Poland is a country with limited water resources. Low-pressure zones coming from the Atlantic Ocean and bringing rain are mostly blocked over France and Germany and do not reach Poland, which more often faces dry high-pressure zones coming […]

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Bartek Sabela
31 January 2020
The ways that Italian Capannori is using to stop generating garbage

Black bags full of different rubbish that is difficult to recycle. Polish waste management system is built in a way we do not have to see the waste. To change the system, we have to find a municipality that will dare to look into the garbage we produce. Recycling half of the produced garbage is […]

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Maria Hawranek
20 January 2020
Kraków fights against the smog

Scientists from the Department of Cardiology in University Medical Centre Mainz of the Johannes Gutenberg University claim that poor air quality killed 659,000 people  European Union in 2015. Every year there is one country on the European map of smog – Poland – that stands out when it comes to the concentration of harmful substances […]

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Bartek Sabela
27 September 2018
The Luggage

“The Luggage” is a feature telling about cities and countries which, facing huge tourist traffic, have decided to take steps to limit and regulate the inflow of visitors. We present the ways of dealing with the negative impact of tourism on the lives of inhabitants in an interactive reportage which was made according to the principles of solution journalism.

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Rafał Hetman

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