Zuza Olejniczak

Zuza Olejniczak

Zuza is a Sociology and Photography graduate at the University of Warsaw.

She has been coordinating projects related to culture and art for nearly ten years. She has created and managed corporate identities for large organizations, organized street art projects and music events in Poland and abroad. She has also produced music videos for Polish bands.Zuza implements the DIY approach while creating projects and events. She has cooperated with large businesses and grassroots activities, including the Białowieża Forest and Free Tibet, as she is particularly devoted to projects of social nature.

Along with the coordination of projects, she is editing advertising and promotional films, documentary short films and music videos. She is a finalist of the Montaż Film Festiwal competition for editing the music video of the Bokka band.

Zuza has cooperated among others with Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Narodowe Centrum Kultury, Polish Humanitarian Action and Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.

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