Julia Alekseeva

Julia Alekseeva

Born in Minsk, Belarus. She has been living in Poland since 2013. A journalism graduate at Collegium Civitas and documentary studies at the University of Warsaw.

She has been a freelance reporter for many years. Julia has written about political, social and travel topics. She is a film and non-fiction lover.

Quitting coal

In 2020, when the protests in Belarus started, the primary form of punishment for casual demonstrators was 15-day isolation in custody. The characters of that story are people who first met in a prison cell - they were to spend there next two weeks or a month after being arrested by the police in November 2020, when regime forces began to suppress protests with greater strength.

Lebanon, Dubai, Turkey, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Germany... Belarus has been accused of issuing tourist visas to migrants and helping them to enter Europe. How is the complete journey of migrants arriving from the Middle East to Europe via Minsk? Which role does the Belarus government play in it? What reasons force these individuals and families, including children, to embark on such a dangerous trip?

On August 2020, after the presidential elections, the CEC declared Aliaksandr Lukašenka, the winner for the sixth time. It caused a wave of large-scale protests across Belarus.