Outriders Festiwal #3


The slogan of the third edition of the Outriders festival will be neighborhood. We will discuss issues related to our environment at the micro and macro level. We’ll talk about who we call “alien” and who is “his”? What challenges are our neighbors facing; both geographically and mentally. We will not miss the positive aspects of creating a common space, goodwill, goals, but also related conflicts. We will learn how art and culture connect, and whether we need it in creating a neighborhood.

During our festival, there will be a series of presentations and meetings – live – with authors from all over the world. You will also experience special events and premiere film screenings from Arte in Polish.

The festival is not just another Zoom you have to attend. We have prepared it to adapt to your daily rhythm and let you decide when you want to join us.

From November 22 to December 1, you get another piece of the puzzle every day. However, they are different forms of different lengths.

Apart from the stories themselves, something else is important to us. Something that is hardest to recreate online: the feeling that it is an experience that affects both you and other festival goers.

We want to enable you to participate in this experience in several ways: by sharing knowledge with your closest neighbors and inviting them to participate.

Dozen specially created experiences and movie premieres.
Hours of valuable content that will allow you to understand the changes taking place in the world.
Practical knowledge given in a modern and pleasant way.
Welcome pack for each participant.


09:00 (video recording)
Szmo Kacprzak (Youth Climate Strike) - Experiencing climate change - Youth Climate Strike on the implementation of socio-economic transformation.
In his speech, he will talk about climate change and experiencing it. It will consider whether the fencing mania does not jeopardize our future and whether the renaissance of neighborhood is a solution to the climate crisis. He will want to remind you that despite the fact that we live in a world where passing people can live in completely different realities, these parallel universes always have some common parts - because all images, no matter how different, are connected by the whiteness of the canvas, which, even if invisible , rests under layers of paint. The canvas of every human existence is the climate.

19:00 (audio - live)
Paulina Siegień - Margin of the map - Podlasie
Only last year and all the events related to the Belarusian revolution made many Poles realize that they are neighbors of a country like Belarus. And that this neighborhood can cause a lot of turbulence. In Podlasie, a border region that has strong cultural and historical ties with Belarus, the problems of the neighborhood are more clearly visible, much depends on bilateral Polish-Belarusian relations. Today we feel it more clearly than ever before.


09:00 (video recording)
Jagoda Grondcka - The current neighborhood in Kabul: a report from Afghanistan
In his presentation, he will take us to Afghanistan, a country that has not known peace for over four decades, and in the last month experienced one of the greatest shocks in its modern history. He will tell the stories of Afghans - both those whose lives were broken by the Taliban's return to power and forced to leave the country, as well as those who had no sentiment towards the government supported by the West and are ready to give the Taliban a chance. We will meet people who had members of the Taliban, the government army and the Islamic State among their household members and lived together under one roof, giving irrefutable proof of how complex the Afghan reality was and is. We will talk to the Taliban about how they feel after defeating the world superpower after twenty years and what plans they have for ruling a country of 40 million people. We will learn about Afghan dilemmas and hopes, those lost and those that have only just appeared in some of the inhabitants.

19:00 (audio - live)
Tomáš Forró - Poland and Slovakia - common cause?
The border between Poland and Slovakia is over 540 kilometers long and their political and economic ties have been intertwined for years. We will talk about the current social and political relations between countries, the impact of the pandemic and the last neighborly border with the Slovak reporter Tomáš Forró.


09:00 (video recording)
Wojciech Sawicki and Agata Tomaszewska - Taming differences. Life on Wheelz about relationships and perceptions of people with disabilities.
People with disabilities are a large part of society - our neighbors, friends and family. And yet they often encounter distance, fear, isolation. Difficulties in accessing public space and lack of professional care often doom OzN to live at home and have little contact with society. As a result, society, instead of getting used to differences and different levels of human ability, rarely has contact with people with disabilities. The fear of the unknown increases. The mission of Life on Wheelz is to familiarize with the presence of OzN in public space, in the media, in social media channels. Wojtek (suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy) is an influencer with a mission - he shows his everyday life, describes the joys and hardships of living in Poland as OzN. Together with their fiancée Agata, they show what an interablistic relationship looks like - a relationship between an able-bodied person and a person with a disability, they educate about sexuality and familiarize society with the fact that OzN are the same people as others.

19:00 (audio - live)
Julia Alekseyeva and Piotr Andrusieczko - Belarus and Ukraine and the Polish issue
Recent events on the Polish-Belarusian border and the escalating Russian-Ukrainian conflict have a direct impact on political decisions between Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. We will talk about possible scenarios for the future with Outriders experts: Julia Alekseeva and Piotr Andrusieczko.


9:00 (video recording)
Kasia Wągrowska - How to reduce waste production and... integrate the local community?
For 5 years, he has been conducting a zero waste lifestyle experiment - he reduces the generation of waste to a minimum. The road to complete elimination of waste is quite difficult, but following it opens up to other people and integrates local communities in a surprising way. From her speech you will learn why it is better to reduce waste than to sort it, what are the ways to produce less waste at home and shopping, but also how to reduce waste at a low cost.

Outriders Festiwal #3
Outriders Festiwal #3
Issues related to our environment at the micro and macro level. We talk about who we call “alien” and who is “his”? We learn how art and culture connect, and whether we need it in creating a neighborhood.
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