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Marta Zdzieborska


Marta Zdzieborska – a journalist and reporter, cooperating with “Tygodnik Powszechny”. Her articles were published in “Wysokie Obcasy”, “Polityka”, “Gazeta Stołeczna” and “Znak” Monthly. She wrote, among others, about refugees from Donbas, a migration crisis in Europe and the banking scandal in Moldova. She also covered the topic of Syrian and Iraqi families who were waiting unsuccessfully in Athens for the EU relocation program to Poland. She won an Adolf Boheński Honorary Mention Award of Polish Journalists Association (2016) and the Bartek Zdunka Young Journalists Prize (2017). She worked for in 2016-2018.
She is the author of “Tamtego życia już nie ma”, a book about refugees in Poland. She currently lives in California, where she writes reportage and articles about the current situation in the USA.

26 February 2019
USA, North America

Park Chicano. Meksykańskie murale na krańcu Ameryki

Chicano Park is located under a monumental bridge in Barrio Logan, the Latin district of San Diego. It is pretty empty during the day. No hipsters are walking with caffe latte there or freelancers who are going for a short jogging during their break from work. Chicano Park is known for its colourful murals. It […]
Marta Zdzieborska
18 February 2019
North America

Border Angels. How do Californian activists help illegal immigrants?

On every third Saturday of the month, Border Angels’ activists go to the Imperial Valley desert, along the Mexican border. They leave bottles filled with water and some clothes during winter. They leave all that in places where immigrants cross the Mexico–United States border illegally. Border Angels members have developed six routes – starting with […]
Marta Zdzieborska
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