The fight for Mykolayiv was bloody and deadly. It was visible in the city morgue.

There was constant traffic there.

New bodies were brought in, and families or friends came to look for, recognize or take their loved ones away.

Funeral companies also collected the bodies to prepare them for the funeral. There were probably no official regional statistics, or they were not reported. But the morgue could not accommodate all the corpses, so they were kept in other rooms.

Soldiers arrived looking for their comrade-in-arms, but the morgue workers could not find him. Maybe he was picked up earlier by the family.

The UN human rights commission figures provide the official figure for 5 500 civilians killed from February to August. However, some have questioned that, considering some casualties are difficult to quantify. In Mariupol itself, it is believed that the number of victims may fluctuate between 2 000 and 20 000.