Frontline. The sunflowers

Some say that the artillery works at the sound of gunfire. Watching the effects of the work of Ukrainian artillery makes you realise how effective and terrifying this weapon is.

It is practical, and making mistakes while choosing a hiding place can become fatal. And a narrow green belt covered with bushes may be such a mistake.

Such an area can turn into a land of debris of all kinds. From fragments of tanks, detached turrets or tracks and molten metal, through parts of the kitchen equipment, uniforms and loot to the remains of invaders who would not return home. Maybe their corpses will return.

The Ukrainian army has a particular unit that collects the corpses of Russian soldiers from the battlefield. However, it deals with recording and storing corpses because paid volunteers collect and extract them.

Gravediggers are called if the corpse is in poor condition or has a problem with its recovery.

After recovery, the bodies are searched for anything to help identify or provide evidence of the crimes committed.

The battlefield is also searched and documented by police investigation teams and prosecutors.

Then the bodies are transported to Kharkiv, where personal belongings are registered and stored in refrigerated wagons.