Frontline Piatykhatky march

Piaatykhatky is the northern part of Kharkiv, where the Russian offensive stalled a few kilometres away.

At the entrance, the Ukrainians smashed a Russian column with Grad launchers, the remains of which were scattered around the area.

The surrounding housing estate, which once and still is primarily inhabited today by employees of the nearby National Science Centre "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology", began to be regularly shelled by the Russian army.

Behind the estate, towards Kharkiv, are forests where Ukrainian artillery positions are hidden.

As a result, incoming missiles still flew over the estate, which often exploded in the estate. Outgoing Ukrainian missiles also head towards Russian positions about three kilometres away.

Few people stayed here, and those who mainly remained spent time in the basement until the Russians were pushed back, and the shelling ended in May.