Frontline. Artillery unit

A supply truck traverses the sandy forest roads around Tsyrkuny in search of its artillery unit. The forest is not significant, and it seems that finding two working 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled guns should not be a problem, but it turned out to be not that easy. They camouflaged well.

Suddenly, an iron monster emerges at the end of the green road. The engine hums softly, like a lurking predator.

The soldiers approach cautiously and cover their ears when they are closer, not knowing if the cannon will suddenly fire. The bang is so enormous that it can damage your ears if you are around.

The Ukrainian army respects its artillery units and coordinates the firing of Russian targets between different units so that they do not fire too many salvos simultaneously. It is more difficult to track their position. The Russians try to get them. Recently, a cluster bomb fell near their position and chopped nearby trees.

They use sniper tactics. After firing a few to a dozen volleys, they change position. That explains why the supply truck couldn't find them. Suddenly, the roar of engines carries over the forest. The Gvozdiks change position but drive into the dense part of the forest and hide among the trees.

Soldiers camouflage them with tree branches so a drone cannot track them. Now they will have a lunch break and a rest. Some will finish their foxholes. They sit around the provisions brought in by the supplies truck and eat. They are calm. They talk and joke. Suddenly they jump up and run to their machines. The engines roar again. SPGs quickly enter combat positions and open fire. Ukrainian units need artillery support.

The nearby hills where the Russian positions are located are all covered with the fumes of the explosion. It must be hell out there.