It was a night when the SU plane was on a mission. Suddenly, Ukrainian fighter jets appeared. The Russian pilot decided to avoid combat and flee to the airport in Belarus, where he had set off on his mission. But, to increase his chances, he clicked a button and dropped the bombs his plane was carrying.

For him, it was just a simple and natural deed to help him save his life. Maybe he didn't know? Or maybe he knew, and he just didn't care. But below it was the village of Kalinovka, near Kyiv.


Suddenly the silence of the night was broken by the terrifying sound of a series of explosions. The release of bombs, which were meant to save his life, took someone else's life. A young married couple from Kalinovka was killed; fortunately, no more people died.

The first 500 kg bomb fell on a single-family house, turning it into rubble. Fortunately, this house was empty then. The second fell on another house where the young couple, Svetlana's neighbours, lived. In a split second, their home ceased to exist, and so did they. The rescuers found only a part of the woman's body near Svetlana's house, and the man was not found.

The shock wave was so strong that it blew away the farm building in the Svetlana premises and blew off the roof of the house where she and her family were living.

Svetlana and her husband are a foster family. They have four children. When she heard the first explosion, she stood right next to them, so she threw them on the ground and covered them with her body. They were probably saved by their farm building, which stood between the young couple's house and theirs and slowed down the force of the explosion's blast wave. It's hard to say. Svetlana is half-Russian by origin. She says that after what happened that tragic night, she decided never to use the Russian language again.

The third 500 kg bomb fell on the garden of the neighbouring house and formed a vast bomb crater there. But that was not the end. Two smaller bombs were also dropped. One of them hit a house. The family who lived there slept in the basement, which saved them. But it was not a 500 kg bomb. Otherwise, nothing would be left.