93 brigade artillery unit

They are like family; the S21 Gvozdika self-propelled gun is their home. They have been fighting since the beginning of the war. Earlier in the Sumy region. After they pushed the Russians out of there, they were transferred to positions in the Husarivka area. It's worse here. Russia means quantity.

There are many more artillery and planes here. The Ukrainians tell how in one battle, they shot and shot, and the Russians fell, but still new, and new soldiers were coming. When they finally stopped attacking Ukrainian positions, there were 2000 Russian soldiers dead. That has changed too. Once upon a time, they just pressed on. Now they have gotten more careful. They dig in and act more slowly.

Russians hunt the Ukrainians, but there have been no significant losses. Their commander died, and he was wounded during the battle. Unfortunately, they were under such fire that they could not take him away. Eventually, they managed to get him to the evacuation point, but later they were told it was too late, and he died in the hospital.

It is also worse because the Russians use more uncrewed aerial vehicles to track their position. They need to be mobile to survive. When they come under fire, their lives depend on the driver and the crew's cooperation. You have to be careful about everything because the slightest mistake means the death of a 4-person crew. Also, things happen faster here. As soon as Russians see them, the fire starts immediately, and they have to change position and manoeuvre.


Recently, they were engaged in an artillery duel and eventually, a shell exploded 4 metres from them, shrapnel penetrating the armour and damaging the machine. Fortunately, no one was killed. Now they are in a hidden position to repair the damage. They also service the gun and the loading system so that they can shoot accurately and without problems because there is a delay in firing due to a large number of shots.

They camouflage themselves well because the Russian artillery always tries to locate them. Now and then, you can hear a passing artillery shell. They listen if it passes and laugh that the Russians do not have excellent sights.