When you look at the buildings bombed in Borodyanka, you are terrified. The middle storey has been razed to the ground. The sides, which have survived, are burned out and destroyed inside. It is hard to believe that anyone could have survived, especially since the rescue teams could not enter there, looking at the level of damage. Three such blocks were bombed in this small town in precisely the same way.

Looking at the enormous funnel, it was probably an aerial bomb. The raids were carried out in the first days of the war, so probably few people left the city then, and it is rather unlikely that the buildings were empty.


People gathered in the main square at the Shevchenko monument for a symbolic farewell to the killed residents of those buildings. It's hard to attend funerals. The town morgue is complete, so funerals are quick and at different times of the day.

In the cemetery, twelve people are buried in one of these buildings.

Yuri from the municipal office, who is responsible for the search for bodies and mass graves, and comes from Borodyanka, says that he recognized a few people but failed with the rest. They will be buried as unknown, but their DNA samples were taken. At least from the bodies that weren't turned into ashes.

The unknowns are buried under numbers.

There is a moment of confusion as they are unsure if the number is correctly assigned to the body bag, but after a series of phone calls, the misunderstanding is cleared up.

They are conscientious and don't want to make a mistake.

When they are sure, burials start. One after another.