93 brigade

An artillery duel with the support of missiles and aviation is taking place in Donbas. It seems like everything possible is flying overhead here. Artillery shells, grads, huragans, kalibrs, tochkas. Everything is there. The roar of the explosion is omnipresent and surrounds you. But not everyone is a threat because there are plus and minus, which in the code means incoming and outgoing missiles.

The plus is the incoming Russian missiles, and the minus is Ukrainian outcoming artillery missiles.

Recognising these sounds is the first step to relative peace of mind, although when the army's positions are close enough, you can hear shots and explosions from both sides, making it sometimes harder to discern.

The second step to achieving relative calm is recognising the whistling of missiles flying overhead. This sound is much more challenging to get used to. High and quieter - it flies above you and will fall somewhere further. Distinct and rising - you throw yourself to the ground and wait to see if it falls nearby or on you. It's funny how soldiers talk, and in the middle of sentences, they stop, and everyone inclines his ear to judge the whistling sound.

Quantity versus quality. You get the impression that the Russians have an inexhaustible amount of artillery shells because the shelling lasts all day and many days. Fortunately, their abilities are worse, as projectiles often fall far in the field without doing damage. On the other hand, you can be impressed by the Ukrainian artilleryman's abilities. They have much less ammunition but can use it effectively.

You can see that the army and experience trained them well during these eight years of war.

Barvinkowo and the Ukrainian positions near it have been intensively under fire for many days now because the village stands in the way of the Russians who want to circle Kramatorsk on their way from Izium. Soldiers inspect the remains of a tochka u rocket. Its size is frightening. Nearby, in positions, a soldier watches a small pond. Well, it's not a pond. It is a funnel created after expanding a tochka or a kalibr missile.


The explosion's shock wave destroyed the factory building next to where the rocket missile exploded.