31 December 2020
Issues around Cyberpunk 2077 and online gaming as a social lifeline
After almost a decade in the making, the premiere of the hyped Cyberpunk 2077 game made headlines  with problems around…
19 December 2020
Brazil holdin climate “hostage” and the implementation of the Paris Agreement
Not a single country met its Paris Agreement goals five years after it was adopted, according to 100 experts who…
19 December 2020
Speculating with water and the Taliban revenues
Water is now available as a trade commodity on Wall Street, just like gold or oil. The new contracts will…
17 December 2020
Solar energy stored for winter and the mining industry going green
The scientists from Lancaster University have discovered a material that is capable of storing solar energy gathered during the summer…
7 December 2020
Period poverty
Scotland is the first country in the world to provide free access to menstrual hygiene products to anyone who needs…
7 December 2020
Aid agencies are “systematically failing” older people and the stories from the war zones
Aid agencies are “systematically failing” older people, according to a report published jointly by two international NGOs: HelpAge International and…
28 November 2020
Human brain and the universe
Scientists found many similarities between two of the most complex of the existing systems – the human brain and the…
28 November 2020
How AI will affect workforce and money making
AI-trained robots work in real estate brokerage in the U.S. They may offer virtual reality tours or answer buyer’s questions…
28 November 2020
Mapping biodiversity, bees and smells
Mumbai, a metropolis of 20 million inhabitants, just got its first biodiversity map. The Indian cartoonist, Rohan Chakravarty, created the…
28 November 2020
Feudalism and Eastern European forests
The set of ideas coming along with the medieval Christianization rapidly destroyed the pristine environment in Eastern Europe, according to…
26 November 2020
Bacteria in cement making and rare earth elements extraction
According to the British think tank Chatham House, manufacturing cement creates up to 8 percent of human-produced carbon dioxide. To…
26 November 2020
Drones and wars, coronavirus, and malaria
In Seoul, over 300 drones lit up the night sky as a way of encouraging people to remain vigilant against…

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