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Clean Water

The world’s population is getting bigger and bigger. Today 7.5 billion people are living on our planet. Population growth and related economic development mean increasing water demand. Moreover, water sources start to diminish in many parts of the world nowadays. These shortages appear not only in underdeveloped regions of the world, but they also concern modern metropolises: London, Barcelona or Miami.

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Every year, the first days of May are an important time for the residents of several villages in Kosovo. Traditional celebrations and meetings take place there both during the day and at night. The important part of the celebrations is a traditional dance called ‘Oro’, also known in other Balkan countries. It is not complicated – it is danced together, and everyone moves around the circumference of the circle to the rhythm of the music.

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The Luggage

rene and Aleix say they are lucky anyway. They managed to rent a flat at a fair price. It is located on the outskirts of Barcelona and that is why it is not expensive so they can live alone. It is important because they are expecting a child.
– However, friends at our age are in more difficult situation. Many of them – in their twenties or thirties – have to rent apartments with few other people, because they cannot afford to pay a high rent.

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The Line

450 kilometres of demarcation line in Donbas means 450 km of war, which has divided the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts into two parts since 2014. It means hundreds of kilometres of trenches and fortifications, villages and localities in the firing line and their inhabitants, who suddenly found themselves in the middle of the war and the outlaw zone. These people, living in the war reality, try to save themselves and to help others. Some of them have dramatically changed because of war. They try to take advantage of the opportunity the war has given them.

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World 2018

World 2018 is a review of the most important political, economic and social events as well as sport and science achievements. We have also explored topics related to migration, environment and technology. Our summary presents meaningful facts during the last 12 months which have had a significant impact on the world around us.

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Over 32 hours of travelling, 43 train stations, 5 hours of stops and 1683 km of length. It is a railway road from Uzhhorod to Lysychansk, the longest in Ukraine. It is covered by a train travelling from the West to the East of the country.

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New Caledonia

The Isle of Pines (New Caledonia) has been a tourist attraction for many decades due to the most beautiful beaches in the world, lush flora consisting of 75% of endemic species, the Coral Sea and a warm tropical climate. The life of Kanak people – indigenous inhabitants of the island – is still ancillary to traditions and customs. However with the economic development of New Caledonia, the last French colony in the Pacific Ocean, the Kanak people are gradually opening to a Globalized World.

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“Tapes of truth”, tapes scandal, recordings and transcripts have had a significant influence on national or international politics in recent years. Tapes can form directions of political debate; they can destroy a politician’s career; they can even lead to street riots and the loss of power.

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Favela VS Covid-19

The COVID-19 arrived in Brazil through the upper class but has spread like wildfire throughout the poorest communities. This is the story of the grassroots initiatives that were launched by the residents of three favelas in São Paulo to face the problems caused or exacerbated by the pandemic.

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