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22 July 2018

What kind of information — not just content — do you need as a news consumer?

Pulse, a project launched by Sarah Alvarez and Andrew Haeg, aims to help news organizations text their communities to find out. Article by Christine Schmidt originally published on Niemanlab. For all the questions journalists ask, sometimes one of the most important ones can get lost in the shuffle: What do you, as a reader/​listener/​viewer/​news absorber, need? […]
12 July 2018

“In 2018, coherence is bad journalism, bordering on malpractice.” Here’s how to do better (with some help from conflict mediators)

“The goal is not to wash away the conflict; it’s to help people wade in and out of the muck (and back in again) with their humanity intact.”
28 June 2018

These are the three types of bias that explain all the fake news, pseudoscience, and other junk in your News Feed

Indiana University researchers “have found that steep competition for users’ limited attention means that some ideas go viral despite their low quality — even when people prefer to share high-quality content.”
21 June 2018

After years of growth, the use of social media for news is falling across the world

But messaging apps are picking up the slack, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism finds in its 2018 Digital News Report.
7 June 2018

People Want to Know About People

Environment journalism fails when we forget about people
31 May 2018

Is your fake news about immigrants or politicians? It all depends on where you live

Plus: Facebook is accepting proposals for fake news research, and fake news was growing as a topic of media discussion even before the U.S. presidential election.
24 May 2018

European news sites are among the worst offenders when it comes to third-party cookies and content

Major news sites in seven countries averaged 81 third-party cookies per page, compared to 12 for other popular websites.
17 May 2018

Google News gets an update, with more AI-driven curation, more labeling, more reader controls (fingers crossed for no AI flops)

Google announced a shiny new iteration of the Google News app on Tuesday as part of its I/O developer conference (here’s a good collection of all the other announcements from I/O, which runs until Thursday). Google News has started rolling out and should be available to basically everyone by “next week”; the app will replace the existing […]
15 May 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

Meat in a virtual desert

Meat and Sand (Carne y Arena in Spanish) is a 7-minute-long virtual movie by , the Oscar-winning director of Birdman. His vision allows the viewers to step into the role of an illegal immigrant.
Honorata Zapaśnik
10 May 2018

Is audience engagement a mushy construct based on anecdata — or something audiences actually want?

“You know what? There doesn’t need to be data. We all know this to be true.”