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7 March 2018
Argentina warns Bolivian immigrants: free health service might come to an end
The President of Argentina has announced that he will impose a medical care charge for Bolivians who come to Argentina…
31 January 2018
More and more Venezuelans flee the country
More than 650,000 of 31 million citizens left their country last year because of the deteriorating economic situation. Most of…
7 December 2017
The ‘sea cow’ loses its battle against poachers
The California porpoise, also known as the Gulf of California harbour porpoise, which inhabits nearshore areas of the northern part…
Lesbos, spotter waiting for refugees
18 July 2017
The number of asylum seekers and migrants deciding to set off for Europe has drastically declined. Two years ago, 1,049,400…
Droga bałkańska
7 December 2016
Balkan route
September 2015. The media frenzy about refugees reaches its peak thanks to the pictures from Budapest and the Hungary-Serbia border.…

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