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9 October 2020
Friendship and longevity and dying species
Adders in the United Kingdom could become extinct within 12 years. That may be the impact of around 57 million…
19 September 2020
Heat, mass migration and CO2 levels
This year could be the hottest on record, although it will also be the one with the highest reduction in…
8 October 2018
A chance to save coral reefs
During 2017’s World Ocean Conference in New York, the scientists agreed that up to 90% of coral reefs may be…
19 September 2018
Cactus gas – an alternative to petrol?
I meet Miguel Avé and Rogelio Sosa López in the headquarters of a La Nopalimex company. It is located on…
27 August 2018
The Belo Monte dispute
The Belo Monte dam, built in the planet’s most important ecosystem, the Amazon, is world’s third largest construction of this…
9 August 2018
Clean water
23 July 2018
The largest aquarium in the world
The Sea of Cortéz formed about 5 million years ago and it is one of the most diverse seas on…
16 July 2018
Amazon jungle under threat
Illegal logging has already destroyed 17% of the Amazon rainforest in . Researchers believe that if deforestation is not stopped,…
23 May 2018
7 December 2017
The ‘sea cow’ loses its battle against poachers
The California porpoise, also known as the Gulf of California harbour porpoise, which inhabits nearshore areas of the northern part…

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