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Article: 377 – The Law on which the Sun Never Set
In the 19th century, the British brought the so called ‘sodomy law’ to all its colonies. 161 years later, LGBTIQ+ community in some 30 countries still fights to Repeal It.
We’re recording in UK
We’re recording in Spain
377 – The Law on which the Sun Never Set (Being LGBT in Sri Lanka)
Between 2019 and 2020, Outriders interviewed nine members of the LGBTIQ+ community in Sri Lanka. They told us about stigma, sham marriages, suicides and arrests.
Outriders Festiwal in Żyrardów
OUTRIDERS FESTIVAL – IS A STORYTELLING FESTIVAL THAT BRINGS THE WORLD CLOSER TO YOU – TROUGH STORIES. It explains particular phenomena. Shows scenarios for the future and enables you to…
Ecological disaster in Donbas
We’re recording in Ukraine
We’re on the European Lab
Mutante. Managing conversation in social unrest
Mutante is a canary because... they are willing to say "we don't understand", willing to ask their communities what they stand for, to give them a voice.
Interview with Jerzy Buzek in train
Inside elephant territory
The elephant that fell into the well is just one out of at least 2,456 elephants that died in Sri Lanka in a decade (2008-2018). It means that one elephant a day…
Special episode of Outriders Power Podcast
Kopalnia Turów, wyrok TSUE i Czechy - gdzie leży problem
We’re recording in Germany
Special episode from Ukraine
Ukraina: wiosenna eskalacja konfliktu
Best Documentary 2021
Power Postcards
Within the framework of the Paris Agreement, we seek solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to build resilience to adapt to the impacts of rising temperatures. Every two weeks…
29.04.2021 nominated to European Press Prize for Rojava Diary
New mines – a blessing or a course
In Poland, there are plans to build private hard coal mines – both steam and coking coal mines-and plans to expand existing hard coal mines. At least in theory. And…
Journalists in Belarus
We’ve got 10 000 subs on YouTube!
European project Sphera starts
Canaries – The fight for the future of journalism TEASER
Canaries is a miniseries which aims to build broad support for independent journalism in the digital age, which starts by showcasing the work of bold media startups around the world.
15.04.2021 nominated to One World Media Awards
LIVE: The future of shepherds
A Conversation about Shepherds, Land degradation and Climate Change… With the the authors of Outriders latest multimedia story: A Journey with Kenya’s Shepherds An Struggling Against Drought and Land Degradation
A Journey with Kenya’s Shepherds Struggling Against Drought and Land Degradation
Faced by a complex intermarriage between land degradation and climate change, the Samburu of northern Kenya have to contend with rangelands that are increasingly unproductive and more frequent droughts.
Power Podcast on YT and other platforms
The history of hard coal mining in Poland
1366 - The first documents which stated that Bolko II the Small granted the Sachenkirchen family the right to build a heritable adit in Stary Zdrój near Wałbrzych. "It is…
We’re recording in Poland
Being a Trans Person in Iran, an Overlooked and Misunderstood Minority
In 1986, Sayeed Rohullah Khomeini, Iran’s first supreme leader, issued a fatwa, a religious edict, allowing a transgender woman, Mariam Khatoon Malek Araa, to have the first legally-sanctioned sex reassignment…
24.02.2021 nominated to Pióro Nadziei (Amnesty International Poland Award)
Outriders Festiwal #1 starts
07.02.2021 nominated to Global Belarusian Solidarity Award
05.02.2021 honored by ICFJ Network
28.01.2021 got third place in Złote Spinacze 2020 got third place in Złote Spinacze 2020 for Love Speech
Outriders Brief Newsletter has 3rd anniversary
Communality: A response to deforestation
Many communities in the region of Sierra Juárez benefit from sustainable management of their forests or from virgin forests that they decided not to touch. We visited five mountainous villages…
Online event: Wolność. Kocham i pobieram.
Belarus. Media and the Revolution
Despite numerous arrests, detentions and brutality of the police forces, Belarusian journalists continue to report on protests and actions by the authorities, which are aimed at the society calling for…
Beirut Snapshot – photographic chronicle from Beirut on MORE’s screens
Important things are happening in Poland and around the world. It is over 3,500 kilometres from Warsaw to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Recently, for a short time, it seemed…
A church-led initiative shelters trans women in Buenos Aires’ slums
In Argentina, where the Pope comes from, a church-led initiative provides safe places for transgender people who are victims of discrimination or abuse. Some of these shelters are located in villas,…
New series on YT: GOMT: Górnicki o mediach i technologii
Fleeing the Syrian war to war-torn Nagorno-Karabakh
Together with his brother’s family, they fled their home and their war-torn country to find a safe haven in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed territory in the South Caucasus. Driving in their…
New series on YT: vlog Unblock
Mass testing for coronavirus in Slovakia
After the first round of the whole country testing for COVID-19 in Slovakia, which took place on the weekend between Oct. 31 – Nov. 1., the government decided to repeat…
Short series from Donbas
Favela vc Covid-19
The COVID-19 arrived in Brazil through the upper class but has spread like wildfire throughout the poorest communities. The first case in the country was reported in São Paulo on…
10.10.2020 nominated to Złote Spinacze for Love Speech
We're nominated to Złote Spinacze for Love Speech.
3rd birthday of
Catalonia on trial
It is the night of Sunday, October 20, 2019. Six days have passed since the sentence convicting nine Catalan pro-independence leaders to between 9 and 13 years in prison for…
Moria’s blaze chronicles and the next day for the refugees of Europe
Before the fires that started Tuesday evening, September 8, and lasted till Thursday, burning down the whole facility, approximately 13 000 people like Hamid, had found a shelter in Moria,…
Biopirates of the Indian Ocean
Rich in diversity and small in size, Sri Lanka lacks mechanisms to protect its natural treasures. There are at least 19 patent licenses for products based on a native plant that has traditionally been used to treat diabetes. All of them but one are in foreign pockets. It is known as “biopiracy” –the practice of using and commercially exploiting the biological resources and indigenous knowledge of a country without permission or compensation. That is, making money with poor people’s knowledge.  
Project Beirut Snapshot starts
Following the massive blast that took place at the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, the aim of this project is to portrait the current financial and political crisis…
Vlog from Belarus
New magazine Unblock
The Girls of the Bay
Bangladesh has the highest rate (29%) in the world of marriage among girls under 15, according to UNICEF. It also has the fourth-highest prevalence rate of child marriage involving minors, after Niger, the…
Afghan Women
Kabul – Throughout its 100-year modern history, the Afghan state has experienced remarkable transformations and devastating upheavals. Kings have come and gone. Democracy gave way to communism. Freedom fighters turned…
Garage #3 Online event about online events
Do you feel like you are missing out on good news? Listen to some inspiring stories from the Google Assistant
While browsing through world news, we are often saddened by information. Have you heard about the water reduction lessons organized in Cape Town? Or about an app that looks like…
Project Radar starts
We seek responses and solutions which help to deal with immediate and long term effects of Covid-19 pandemic. Our community and reporters around the world submits responses which are verified…
How the world reacts to COVID-19? (Outriders Festiwal LIVE )
The Festival is back! We meet on April 28 on the occasion of Superhero Day. It is an international edition, and the working language is English.
#RojavaDiary longlisted by One World Media Awards
Our project #RojavaDiary was longlisted by One World Media Awards in category Refugee Reporting.
Outriders Festival Live – HOME
The Festival is back! This time it lasts two days – Thursday and Friday (April 2 and 3). Write down the dates and times because we are starting at 8:00…
Outriders Festival LIVE – a window to see the World
Living in the coronavirus world is not the easiest thing to do. At first, we were a bit frustrated, feeling blocked because we couldn't move. We spend time at home.…
26.02.2020 nominated for Amnesty International’s Pióro Nadziei
New website of begins rolling out
After months of work, we begin the release of our new website for publication. It clearly shows our vision, and it focuses on: our Outriders Brief Magazine, interactive reporting…
Digital Storytelling Forum in Sofia
In Sofia, we joined a group of over 300 participants from 32 countries to talk about how we use campaigns for our daily work.
The Hostwriter 2019 Prize Winners
We were happy and proud to be a part of the Hostwriter 2019 Prize Jury for the best cross-border journalism stories and stories' pitches. Congratulations to the winners!
Workshops for Transitions Online in Ukraine
We took part in two two-day events in Odessa in Kharkiv where we conducted 6 workshops - StoriesLab, NewsletterLab, InteractiveLab and solutions journalism training.
06.12.2019 at Prague Media Point
At TOL's annual event Prague Media Point we had a chance to present our work and also discuss future developments of solutions journalism in Poland and CEE.
New Playlists with Interactive Stories!
Outriders Stage speakers have created their own playlists using Outriders Network database of 1000+ interactive stories. Want to know what they chose? Browse through their selection at!
Nomination to Grand Press 2019
Our great reporter Lola Garcia-Ajofrin received a nomination for Grand Press 2019 award for her interactive story "Vaccination and fake news". We couldn't be more proud!
Debate – “#Others. Media and prejudices”
"#Others. Media and prejudices" was the theme of the final debate within Żydowskie Muzeum Galicja's project "(In)separable" that we supported. Our editor-in-chief Anna Górnicka took part in inspiring discussion between…
#LoveSpeech GIFs hit 1 million views
#LoveSpeech GIFs have been seen over million times which is much more we ever hoped! And the counter keeps rising <3
Presenting Garage participants at Outriders Stage
The final session of our Garage was kicked off during Outriders annual event. Both leaders and teammembers of participating organisations joined us on the stage.
Outriders Stage in Warsaw
Outriders Stage, the flagship event of Outriders Network, gathered 200+ journalists and storytellers from all over the world. The topic of this years edition was "Let's get together".
Future of media debate
Anna Górnicka took part in a debate on the future of media organised at Media Student conference in Warsaw.
Outriders Stories Lab in Budapest
Marysia Maciocha represented Outriders at the Megaphone conference activists, action groups, and NGOs from Central Eastern Europe organised by TechSoup Europe. Marysia runs the Outriders Vertical Stories Lab. To check…
Recording podcasts at the Megaphone Conference
At the latest edition of the Megaphone conference organised by TechSoup Europe, Alicja has recorded 6 new episodes of the Megaphone podcast - a series targeted at activists and change-makers…
12.11.2019 at News Community Summit was selected as one of the few European journalism startups to present itself to over 100 media professionals at the first News Community Summit organised by Facebook Journalism Project.
11.11.2019 at University of Amsterdam
Jakub Górnicki presented our work behind to students of media faculty at the University of Amsterdam.
Outriders at the Engagement Explained Live in Budapest
Outriders took part in the Engagement Explained Live: Building Resilience organised by the European Journalism Center in Budapest, Hungary. The event focused on organisational capacity building needed to keep up…
New interactive: Vaccination and fake news
Even though it is a vaccine-preventable disease, measles kills over 100,000 people every year. Worldwide cases tripled in the first three months of 2019. Ten states accounted for approximately three-quarters…
Outriders at the Power of Storytelling in Bucharest
Alicja and Kasia went to the Power of Storytelling conference organised by our partners Decat o Revista in Bucharest, Romania. They combined this visit with an opportunity to learn more…
New interactive: Suicide belts in paradise
May 2019 marked the 10th anniversary of the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka between the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the government. Not all…
Launch of #RojavaDiary from Northern Syria
Together with local reporter Massoud Hamid we begin to release regular updates from Northern Syria as a podcast and video series. All material are sent to us through WhatsApp.
08.10.2019 at Media Forum in Moldova
We had a chance to give a long presentation explaining in details how works.
Launch of #LoveSpeech campaign
Love Speech is a ground breaking campaign utilising custom made GIFs and encouraging people on Instagram Stories and other social media platform to debate and discuss in more respectful and…
Outriders Brief nominated to MediaTory award
Our magazine was nominated for the MediaTory award in the category "InitiaTor" for "creating a unique and high-quality newsletter, which gives readers information from around the world every week and…
The work begins on new event
We don't know where it will take us - but a new event - with a new format, place and idea starts to be created. And we begin to have…
New interactive: The Crimean Bridge
Crimean Bridge is a Russian project on the verge of implementation. It is a bridge that connected Crimea (annexed in 2014) with Russia. Ukraine and western countries do not recognise…
Solutions journalism contest launched
Together with Santander Bank Polska we have launched a special competition promoting solutions journalism in Poland.
Outriders Stories Lab in Warsaw
Rafał Hetman, one of the reporters working with the Outriders Newsroom & our Outriders Stories Lab trainer led a workshop on Vertical Stories at "MedJA. Szkoła krytycznego myślenia" conference in…
Startups gathering in Kathmandu
We presented our work at to over 60 journalism startups from all around the world and took part in a four-day-long workshop.
Telegram from Ukraine launched
Our reporter Piotr Andrusieczko, who was chosen as the Journalist of the Year in Poland in 2014, launched a daily-updated... Facebook Group from Ukraine. We experiment with this way of…
Second session of Garage in Warsaw
During second session we were joined by Tomasz Sulewski, Tomas Bella and Cristian Lupsa who as mentors helped our participants in their projects developed during
Workathon for the Outriders Lab trainers in Warsaw
Outriders Lab trainers meet again to finalise their presentations during a work-a-thon spree.
Outriders StoriesLab in Lviv
Jakub Górnicki ran the refreshed Outriders StoriesLab during a study visit in Lviv, Ukraine. The event was organised in partnership with the Lviv Media Forum.
#BehindTheFires – mini crowdfunding campaign
We decided to cover what is happening in Amazonas through a cross border project. For that we experimented with Facebook donations and collected remaining 1200 EUR needed to make the…
Outriders Brief team joins workshop in Cape Town
Anna Górnicka and Grzegorz Kurek travelled to South Africa to learn from Daily Maverick's experience in running newsletters and membership.
Outriders Network website refreshed
Over the summer, we have completed updates and small design changes to make refreshed and representative of our plans going forward.
Three main problems of media organisation which are grant-funded
Outriders Studio’s programme Media Garage kicked off with its first session held in Warsaw mid-July this year. Instead of talking about the next great ideas, we spend our first whole…
Launching the Outriders Stage 2019 Key Visual
Key visual for Outriders Stage 2019, authored by Marcin Suder teases the event's theme: Let's get together!
Five takeaways from Outriders Network Season One
The summary of what Outriders Network has been up to this season is out. We recommend the read and are grateful to all the partners, supporters and members for their…
Train the Trainers in Warsaw
Between July 23 and 25 we met in Warsaw for a few days of an educational design training - we were working on how to build an educational curriculum for…
First Media Garage Session in Warsaw
We met with eight participants from five media outlets from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova for three days workshops to create their organisations tuning plans. Within next weeks they will also…
Emma Lacey-Bordeaux officially introduced as the Outriders Advisory Board Member
Emma Lacey-Bordeaux, a writer and journalist working for CNN, a friend and our community member is one of the great minds behind our Outriders Advisory Board. We haven’t shared it…
Garage begins tuning. Meet the selected media.
We are pleased to announce that after the application process (written) and in-person meetings with ten selected finalists, we will work with the following organisations in Round 1 of Media…
Taking part in Sound Reporting Co-Lan
Together with participants from Riffreporter (Germany), The Washington Post/World Post (United States), Thomson Reuters Foundation (United Kingdom), Czech Radio (Czech Republic) and de Volkskrant - a Dutch daily newspaper -…
02.07.2019 joins Membership Puzzle Project
Membership Puzzle Project is a research initiative based at New York University. We are joining an amazing group of media organisations from all around the world to develop our email…
Get your Tickets for Outriders Stage Nov 21-22
You can now get your tickets for Outriders Stage (formerly Summit). The event due to take place between 21st and 22nd of November will gather 200+ journalists and storytellers and…
Storytelling with Instagram Stories at Tvapatum in Armenia
Jakub Górnicki, Outriders Founder and Reporter, lead a workshop at the sixth Tvapatum media conference in Yerevan held on June 28-29. The focus of the entire event discussed the means and tools…
“Zones of fear” project in Belgium
Is Molenbeek a breeding ground for terrorists? As part of the “Zones of Fear” project, we are working on another text about so-called no-go zones and areas of sharia. This…
Wachlarz travel podcast launches
The first season of the Wachlarz podcast - "The sounds" - consists of conversations with six guests, one in each episode, who were asked to come to the recording studio…
Outriders Network at the Engagement Explained Live in Berlin
Outriders Network is one of the partners of the European Engagement Accelerator - a project of the European Journalism Center. On June 19th in Berlin, Alicja Peszkowska took part in…
Outriders at the GEN Summit 2019
Alicja Peszkowska, Outriders Network Director, spoke at the GEN Summit 2019 in Athens. She presented Outriders' story - "The Luggage" by Rafał Hetman and spoke about the importance of reinventing…
Festival Wachlarz gather over 500 people
Wachlarz is a festival gathering reporters and travellers who meet to talk about the world. This year the theme of the event was "Freedom". We featured 16 speakers who shared…
The third stop in the Zones of Fear project
In Marseilles, we collect materials for the third part of the reportage about so-called areas of sharia and no-go zones in European cities. We talk with inhabitants, activists and local…
07.06.2019 at Mezhyhirya Fest
Piotr Andrusieczko explained work and values behind our work at plus presented some of our interactive projects.
Outriders Meetup in Warsaw: Community Engagement
Our Warsaw meetup devoted to the topic of community engagement was designed as a conversation start-up for Polish new media interested in engaging their communities beyond social media. We have…
Outriders Network meetup at Lviv Media Forum
At Lviv Media Forum we have hosted a workshop on storytelling with Insta Stories as well as a session devoted to the topic of interactive storytelling. Our speakers included Rafał…
Outriders Network Meetup at POINT
Another meetup we have hosted in May took place at the annual POINT conference on political accountability and new technologies in Sarajevo, BiH. This time we focused on elections coverage…
Outriders Network Labs in Zagreb
Outriders Labs is a new format of ours and a response to a significant interest in learning more about specific new media tools and how journalists can use them effectively. The…
London – the next step in Zones of Fear project
London is the second city that we visit as part of our “Zones of Fear” project. According to some media and politics, in the capital of Great Britain, there are…
Splice Beta in Thailand
Splice Beta is the first event in Asia so broadly bringing journalists and media startups together. We participated in the first edition and also took part in one of the…
Mogadishu by Marcin Suder/Outriders
Media Garage launches
Solidarity Fund PL in cooperation with Outriders Studio introduces new media support programme Media Garage addressed to independent media creators in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.
Tapes – new interactive story
Our first member meeting
We invited members of community to take part in our kick off meeting of "łączymy" platform. We met in Bar Studio in Warsaw to present our initial ideas and…
New Caledonia – new interactive story
“(In)dependence” is an interactive story about New Caledonia, its inhabitants and their pursuit for independence, about their life and customs.
Outriders Network Meetup in Minsk: Cross-border Reporting
Outriders Meetup in Minsk was organised in collaboration with the Press Club in Belarus. The talks included Tina Lee from Hostwriter talking about their work, Hanna Liubakova from Outriders sharing…
Database of interactive stories launches!
Outriders Network database of interactive stories is something we have worked on for the past eight months, and are very happy to share it with you now. It is in…
Outriders sessions at International Journalism Festival
We went to the XIV International Journalism Festival in Perugia where we spoke about Solutions & Engagement Journalism, mediascape in Ukraine, journalistic innovations in the CEE and media start-ups struggle…
Outriders Studio as a case study for European Journalism Centre
EJC published detailed case study of our Outriders Studio activities naming it "ethical content studio". Something we really like to be honest 🙂
#Łączymy (connecting) campaign begins
#Łączymy means #Connecting. For us it means two things - set of "listening activities" which we introduce for our community (and not only) which will help us better understand society's…
Over 32 hours of travelling, 43 train stations, 5 hours of waiting at the railway stations and a distance of 1,683 km. The longest train journey from Uzhhorod to Lysychansk…
Outriders Network Meetup in Budapest: Disinformation
In the capital of Hungary, we gathered to talk about disinformation. Joined by speakers from Italy, Macedonia and Austria we held two workshops, consultations and public event. All together over…
Outriders Network Meetup in Sofia: Cross Border Stories
Over 100 people joined us for workshops and meetup about cross-border stories in the capitol of Bulgaria.  Almost 800 shared interest in all activities!
Looking for reporters to join #ZonesOfFear project
After producing the first part of the project we now go into its cross-border part. We are looking for reporters based in Germany, France, London and Belgium.
Let’s get together – announced as theme of Outriders Summit 2019
Second edition of Outriders Summit will happen on November 21st and 22nd in Warsaw.
Zones of Fear project begins in Malmö
Zones of Fear is a reporting project about life of Muslims in Europe. It will combine cross-border collaboration of reporters as well as interactive way of telling the story. The…
Freedom – announcing the theme of Festival Wachlarz in 2019
Our annual festival will happen on June 15th in Wrocław, Poland. As every year we select a theme and for 2019 it will be "Freedom". In 2018 it was "Essence".…
08.02.2019 Brief launches as podcast with Audioteka
Audioteka is leading European audiobook platform who now enters new markets with original audio stories and podcasts. We were happy to be approached by them to produce together audio version…
Outriders Meetup in Athens
Over 150 people took part in our events in Greece. Impactful Stories - was the topic of third meetup organised through Outriders Network. We were joined by speakers and trainers:…
Work begins on new Wachlarz podcast
Wachlarz begins a change into becoming a complete platform for explorers and travellers. First we introduce a podcast done in a very experimental way both in format and form. First…
Dziewczynka… – our third story in Multimedia Kalisz project
An interactive story about the past of Kalisz and the Babinka channel. This is also story about Jewish heritage of the city.
Vienna Unconference – The European Media Literacy Toolkit for Newsrooms
Ewa Dziardziel took part in a unconference hosted by Global Editors Network. Among 20 journalists she shared her knowledge and thoughts on media literacy as well as ideas about tools…
Rzemieślnik… – our second story in Multimedia Kalisz project
Multimedia reportage about a craftsman who spent all his life building and tuning pianos.
Rzemieślnik… – our second story in Multimedia Kalisz project
Multimedia reportage about a craftsman who spent all his life building and tuning pianos.
Kamienice – our first story in Multimedia Kalisz project
An interactive story about historic tenenment buildings in Kalisz and important figures related to the city.
Two stories shortlisted for “What’s New in Publishing Journalism Award”
Gorani and Deep Breath are among four shortlisted projects for New Media Writing Prize in category “What’s New in Publishing”
World 2018
We begin 2019 by publishing interactive list of most important events from 2018.
Our ride in 2018
Jakub Górnici summarised everything what Outriders achieved in 2018, and what it means for such a young organization.
Our ride in 2018
Jakub Górnici summarised everything what Outriders achieved in 2018, and what it means for such a young organization.
Megaphone podcast launches
Megaphone is a podcast where Jakub Górnicki talks with a community of activists working on issues such as the environment, women’s rights, LGBTQ right, transparency and accountability, and civic engagement,…
New website goes into beta
Our designer Arkadiusz Sołdon and coder Piotr Kliks created a new design of to make it look like a magazine.
Session and media production at Megaphone event
Jakub Górnicki and Rafał Hetman conducted a workshop on storytelling and how to use it as a tool for building a brand and community engagement.
Journalism (R)evolution conference in Sofia, Bulgaria
Jakub Górnicki talked about Outriders business model during discussion panels In Search of a New Business Model and How Do They Innovate?
Outriders Meetup in Warsaw
Four different specialists – Emily Goligoski (Membership Puzzle Project), Sebastian Esser (Krautreporter), Dorota Groyecka (non/fiction) and Katharine Quarmby (investigative journalist) shared their different tactics and stories to build business models based on audience engagement.
News Impact Academy in Warsaw
Ewa Dziardziel took part in a two-days workshop on how to engage audience members and learned about the different membership systems.
Kickstarting media hackathon in Minsk
LaunchME Hackathon was organized by the first Belarusian accelerator for technology startups in the media industry, an initiative of Press Club Belarus and SPACE in partnership with the British Embassy…
The Line – new interactive story about Ukraine-Russia war
We published the new interactive reportage “The Line” about the war between Russia and Ukraine in the Eastern Ukraine by Piotr Andrusieczko and Marcin Suder.
Talking at MMIT Forum in Minsk
On the second day of Media Management and IT Forum, Jakub Górnicki run workshop on storytelling: Let me tell you a story.
Presenting solutions journalism in Kraków
Rafał Hetman was explaining the idea of solutions journalism and how it can support local communities at Ashoka organised event.
Second edition of Compass in Lviv
Together with Lviv Media Forum Outriders produced the second edition of Compass in Lviv.
The Power of Storytelling
Jakub Gónicki attended Rewrite: The Power of Storytelling 2018 conferance in Bucharest and wrote an article where he shared his thoughts.
First Outriders Meetup in Bucharest
Our first official Meetup on the topic “Serve and Engage” where we discussed how to have a relationship with your audience, with a help of our speakers – Madalina Ciobanu (European…
Code for All Summit
Jakub Gornicki was a host at Code for All Summit in Bucharest, an event which brings together the key players in civic technology from around the world.
Rafał Hetman nominated to Mediatory
He was nominated for two interactives: Clear Water and The Luggage, and for transforming them into Instastories.
Three interactive stories developed in Multimedia Kalisz project
We run workshops on interactive reportage and created three interactive stories based on true events from the history of Kalisz. For four months Rafał Hetman, Jakub Górnicki and Arkadiusz Sołdon…
Three interactive stories developed in Multimedia Kalisz project
We run workshops on interactive reportage and created three interactive stories based on true events from the history of Kalisz. For four months Rafał Hetman, Jakub Górnicki and Arkadiusz Sołdon…
g0vtech Summit in Taiwan
Jakub Górnicki gave a speech about the intersection of journalism and civic tech – two fields which for a long time didn’t go together, and how solutions journalism can connect those two.
The Luggage – our first interactive solutions journalism story
The Luggage is a feature telling about cities and countries, which facing huge tourist traffic, have decided to take steps to limit and regulate the inflow of visitors. Rafał Hetman…
Solutions journalism workshop with Tina Rosenberg
Tina Rosenberg a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (Solutions Journalism Network) introduced the concept of solutions journalism during the workshop we have organized with Ashoka CEE.
Outriders celebrates 1 year anniversary
Proudly we got to this point and after hard work on Outriders Summit, we finally had a moment to celebrate Outriders first anniversary.
Outriders Summit is born
The first edition of Outriders Summit an international conference organized by journalists for journalists under the theme: “Stories first”. It was a whole day fulfilled by inspiring speeches of 23…
Outriders celebrates 1 year anniversary
Proudly we got to this point and after hard work on Outriders Summit, we finally had a moment to celebrate Outriders first anniversary.
Outriders Network officially launches
A day before Outriders Summit we have officially launched Outriders Network, which aim is to support good journalism.
Second edition of Digital Cultures launches
Outriders were one of the partners of Digital Cultures –  a conference which serves as an international platform for meetings between Polish artists and international culture managers, organized by Adam Mickiewicz Insitute.
Workshop at Digital Cultures
Nobody wants to fund culture? Nonsense! – Jakub Górnicki run a workshop about different financing models and knock down stereotypes around them with invited guests.
Session “Covering migration in an atmosphere of hostility” at n-ost media conference
Jakub Górnicki was moderating discusson between Robert Brestan  from HlidaciPes, and Boróka Parászka from
15.09.2018 begins publishing regular articles from China
Lola García-Ajofrín, a Spanish reporter living in Shanghai started writing regular articles about living in China.
Digital Influencers Hub in Thesalloniki
Correctiv Festival in Düsseldorf
Thanks to EJC we took part in another JFF gathering and joined the discussion about challenges in setting up and running non-profit newsroom.
Gorani is also our first story released in “stories” format on Instagram, Facebook and Google AMP
New multimedia story – Gorani
Multimedia Kalisz project begins
Clean water – environmental interactive story
Announcing the winners of the Ukrainian Democractic Challenges grant program
Work begins on new website
After long process of defining mission, vision, goals and editorial process we started a process of designing the new website which will embody what we want to accomplish with…
Advisory Board of Outriders announced
Advisory Board of Outriders announced
Announcing the winners of the “Inicjatywy po stronie natury” competition
“Wachlarz” – Travelers’ Festival gathers over 500 people
Fifth edition of Wachlarz festival was organised under theme "Essence". We wanted to go back to roots of exploration and travelling. Think what are the reasons for it in current…
Personal Democracy Forum in New York
Global Editors Network in Lisbon
Publishing Deep Breath, an interactive story about air pollution
Panel at Lviv Media Forum
#OutridersBrief Now with Dedicated, Illustrated Covers
Personal Democracy Forum CEE in Gdańsk, Poland
Introducing Dispatches from Turkey
Wachlarz Community meetup with Mateusz Waligóra
Solutions Journalism Workshop with Nina Fasciaux and Samantha McCann from the Solutions Journalism Network
The launch of the English version of Mogadishu, our interactive story about Somalia
Outriders at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia
Outriders at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia
“Inicjatywy po Stronie Natury” Grant Program Kicks off
17.03.2018 at the Editor’s Lab in Bucharest
This time we worked on community engagement enhancements for our Outriders Brief newsletter.
The Official Launch of the #OutridersBrief newsletter
Wachlarz Community Meetup with Andrzej Budnik (Los Wiaheros)
Solutions Journalism Meetup with David Boardman from the Solutions Journalism Network
Wachlarz Community Meetup with Maria Hawranek and Szymon Opryszek
Journalism Funders Forum in Amsterdam
Journalism Funders Forum is a project by European Journalism Centre which connects funders and media organisation. We were eager to share our thoughts on what challenges journalism startups and what…
Wachlarz Community Meetup with Bartek Sabela
Swiat 2017 - najwazniejsze wydarzenia na swiecie w 2017 roku
World 2017 – our interactive summary of 2017
We begin every year of by publishing a list of events which shaped the previous year. We do this in interactive form allowing readers to browse through and discover…
New design of Dispatches
The main goal of Dispatches is to provide regular updates from selected regions and countries worldwide. At the same time, also give extra context to allow readers to understand the…
Grand Press Digital 2017 for!
Local Community Meetups Wachlarz are back!
08.12.2017 at the Digital Stories Lab
During the first edition of Digital Stories Lab organised by Total Immersion foundation we had a pleasure background information about how we work on various interactive stories of ours to an…
Our “Migration” Exhibition at TEDxPoznań
Corruption-Free Cities of the Future in Albania
Human Rights Communication 2.0 in Budapest
At the event organised by ODIHR a branch of OSCE we did two things. One - presented our way of thinking behind telling stories and then conducted a workshop for…
Wrażliwy (“Sensitive”) Festival
Introducing Dispatches from the Middle East
HumanDOC Meetup: “The Modern Image of Reality”
Workshop for the School of Digital Leaders “Re:media”
Workshop for the School of Digital Leaders “Re:media”
CompassFest in Lviv
Data vs. the truth at the DataFest in Georgia
Data vs. the truth at the DataFest in Georgia
Outriders Wspieram
We made it! 105% of Our Crowdfunding Goals Achieved
Mogadishu – interactive story from Somalia
29.10.2017 nominated to the Mediatory Award!
Wystawa Mosul w Szwalni
Mosul Exhibition at the Szwalnia Theatre in Łódź
Kontynenty Lublin
Lunik IX at the “Kontynenty” meeting in Lublin
Blog Forum Gdańsk 2017
Marcin Suder and Jakub Górnicki at the Blog Forum in Gdańsk
Talking about at the Film Spring Open
TransUkraine – an interactive story about traveling through Ukraine
Outriders Nonprofit Organisation Officially Registered
Outriders Nonprofit Organisation Officially Registered
Official Launch of the and the kick-off of the Crowdfunding Campaign
Digital Cultures Warsaw
Multimedia Story at the Digital Cultures Festival in Poland
Deep Breath wins the Hostwriter Pitch Prize!
Introducing Dispatches from Latin America
NewsSummit in Budapest
Outriders in Belgrade at the Business and Trust Forum
NewsSummit in Budapest
M100YEJ 2017 beim Sanssouci colloquium
Training Young Journalists in Potsdam
M100YEJ 2017 beim Sanssouci colloquium
Training Young Journalists in Potsdam
Mosul at the Non-fiction Festival in Cracow
Two Multimedia Exhibitions at MiedziankaFest
Mosul – photostory about the Battle of Mosul
Jekaterina Pavlova starts the DCN Fellowship at
Suspended – an Interactive Story
Journalism and monetisation – a hackathon in Moldova
Journalism and monetisation – a hackathon in Moldova
Difficult topics – StoryCode Warsaw
22.06.2017 in the finals of the Global Editor’s Lab in Vienna
How to make journalists projects? PressClub in Minsk
Journalism Funders Forum in Hamburg
Journalism Funders Forum in Hamburg
Magdalena Chodownik and Piotr Andrusieczko at Lviv Media Forum 2017
How to combine journalist values with technology? Lviv Media Forum 2017
Deep Breath teaser
Deep Breath – our interactive project happening now on 4 continents
Lunik IX – a multimedia story from a Roma neighbourhood
Introducing Dispatches from Ukraine
Civic Technology and Media – Personal Democracy Forum 2017
Digital Disruption Forum in Kyiv
Civic Technology and Media – Personal Democracy Forum 2017
Outriders wins in the Editor’s Lab in Warsaw
Our Partnership with the NiemanLab
Many tools. One Story. RockIt 2017
Aula Polska and the role of the foreign correspondents
World 2016
Jakub Górnicki
Starting Outriders!
Starting Outriders!
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