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A country in the north-western part of South America, situated by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. A portion of the Amazon Rainforest is included in the country’s area but its axis is the Andes mountain range. Columbia has 1,141,748 square kilometres of land area and 47 million inhabitants. The country’s capital is Bogota.

16 August 2018
North America, South America, Venezuela

U.A.Vs. carrying explosive charges attacked the President of Venezuela

A week ago a drone attack caused panic during a military ceremony in Caracas, Venezuela. Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan President, claims, he was the aim of the attack. Seven soldiers were injured. According to the Venezuelan government, the President of Colombia is the one to blame.
Honorata Zapaśnik
16 July 2018
Colombia, North America, South America

Amazon jungle under threat

Illegal logging has already destroyed 17% of the Amazon rainforest in . Researchers believe that if deforestation is not stopped, this unique ecosystem could soon be destroyed and turn into a vast savannah.
Honorata Zapaśnik
27 June 2018
Colombia, South America

Iván Duque is the new President of Colombia

Iván Duque became the youngest president in . Last Sunday, he defeated Gustavo Petro in Colombia’s presidential election. The new leader of the country is a 41 year-old lawyer who had previously been mentored by Álvaro Uribe.
Honorata Zapaśnik
17 March 2018
Colombia, North America, South America

FARC loses the elections in Colombia

The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force, which consists of former members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC) gained only 100,000 votes in the first elections to the National Congress. The Colombians proved they remember about several years of bloody fights between FARC and the government. The civil war begun in 1964 […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
14 February 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

The fall of the most dangerous drug cartel in Mexico

Police has apprehended José Maria Guizar Valencia, the boss of the Los Zetas cartel. This drug dealer, who was living in for the last six months, was arrested in one of the fancy restaurants in the . Valencia was one of the most wanted men in Mexico – the United States offered a reward of […]
Honorata Zapaśnik