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A long-awaited order to take Ukrainian troops out of the Peninsula

The “Cherkassy” minesweeper defended itself against Russian invaders till March 26. For the last three days, it was doing 24-hour manoeuvres on the Lake Donuzlaw, where it had been blocked. It was trying to break into the open sea twice. The Russians sank a ship in the mouth of the lake to stop the Ukrainian minesweeper. Ukrainian sailors tried to defend themselves against Russians, who were landing from the speedboats. Ukrainians used explosives thrown into the water. However, they were in a closed reservoir and were not able to break through, so their resistance turned out to be ineffective.

1 March 2018
How did the Russians take over Crimea? A report after 4 years of those memorable events.
Four years ago, at the end of February, the Russians started the operation of annexation of Crimea. Sometimes you can…

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