Storytelling tough issues. StoryCode Warsaw #10.

28 June 2017

StoryCode Warsaw is a series of regular meetups for people interested in art, media, storytelling and science. Started by a group of enthusiasts now turns into registered NGO doing many more interesting projects. Even couple team members of Outriders met during one of the previous meetings.

10th meetup was dedicated to stories and tough issue. Jakub was invited to talk about how we tackle ethics, research and telling the stories about issues which are usually considered hard, complex and not easy to understand in quick time.

Week before StoryCode we were in Vienna where Arek, Paweł (Outriders) and Rafał (AszDziennik) took part in the Editor’s Lab final hackathon under theme “Reporting complex issues”. Two overlapping topics. So we started by showing how we defined complex issues from readers’ and newsroom’s perspective.

Furthermore we addressed the issue of ethics, existing narratives, verification, storytelling techniques and access to correspondents and technology.

Fingers crossed for the good growth of the StoryCode community and all other projects! Thanks for having us.

Respect to Wojciech Setlak who was the screenwriter behind the game “This War of Mine” and “This War of Mine: The Little Ones”. Powerful way of showing the effects of war pushing players to survive through conflict.

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